Weekly Meal Plan February 9-15

This week I am not going no sugar. No grain, yes, but I'm adding in some sugar.

I'm back on Weight Watchers. I enjoy counting points and eating fruit. I've always struggled with breakfast and in the past when I was maintaining my weight (while working full-time...makes it easier when the fridge isn't right behind you!!) I always ate fruit with yogurt for breakfast and morning snack.

I'm returning somewhat to my breakfast routes this week by eating a Stonyfield Greek Yogurt. They sent me a bunch as part of a campaign with FitFluential (have you joined yet? It's the coolest club ever. Sign up HERE) and I love the Cafe Latte the best. 3 points plus through Weight Watchers and with 12g of protein, it will help me pre and post-WOD.

Most of my lunches are going to be vegetarian. Lots of salads, and acorn squash.

This week's dinner plans are going to be easy. I've done a ton of pre-cooking today, so I'll just have to re-heat most things.

Sunday- Eggplant Spinach Lasagna

Monday- Spaghetti squash for me. Gluten Free pasta for the trio.

Tuesday- Eggplant Spinach Lasagna. We have Boy Scouts, so something easy to re-heat is perfect.

Wednesday- Grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes.

Thursday-Breakfast for dinner

Friday- Stir Fry with chicken, snap peas, bok choy, and carrots.

Saturday- I'll be gone for the Spartan Race. James will have to figure something out. Wink


How's your week shaping up? Do you have issues with eating breakfast??

#MoveNourishBelieve Blogger Challenge Week 2

How did you do for Week 1? I found the challenges to be totally do-able, which was great!!

My favorite day was Thursday, work out with your buddy's. Here are some of my bud's from CrossFit En Fuego. Oh, and I'm wearing my Lorna Jane shirt, too!

Week 2 is all about NOURISHING your body!!


Week Two: Nourish 

2/10: Go Meatless – Skip meat today! Try vegetarian/vegan meals.

2/11: TYLTW! – Take Your Lunch to Work today! Choose a recipe from movenourishbelieve.com to inspire your packed lunch!

2/12: Write it down! – Journal your food today and share your WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) with us!

2/13: Smoothie Day! – Happy Thirsty Thursday! Make a healthy smoothie today!

2/14: Go Raw Friday! – Choose a recipe from movenourishbelieve.com and go raw!

Thursday will be hard for me since I don't like smoothies. Maybe a protein shake can count?

How did you do for week 1?

Weekly Workouts Feb 2-Feb 8

I had a pretty good week in workouts! I decided that I was simply doing too much with Jazzercise, so I had to cut that out. Don't get my wrong, I LOVED it, but I was spending just too long out of the house and not getting my work done!

Weekly Workout Schedule February 2-February 8


Monday-CrossFit + 2 miles This workout pretty much sucked! LOL. We did "Running Jackie" and then after the workout I walked a 2 miles to shakeout my legs! And yes, I did 2 rounds. Ugh.

“Running Jackie”
For Time Complete:
- 800M Run
- 50 Thrusters (45/35)
- 30 Pull-Ups

* Challenge (only for anyone who completes 1 round in under 15 minutes):
~Double “Running Jackie”~
- Complete 1 round of the WOD. If you finish the WOD in under 15 minutes, rest 3 minutes exactly and complete another round. Score is your total time (including the mandatory 3 minute rest break.) And YES, I finished in 13:30, so I had to do it again! LOL. I should have gone heavier on my thrusters.

Calories Burned: 702

Total Steps: 16,599


Tuesday- Airheads. This was my last TrampoLEAN class for a while. There are some kinks that they need to work out, and then I'll be back!

Calories: 393

Total Steps: 12,637



A 10 minute EMOM a complex that included: 1 power clean, 2 push presses, 1 jerk. Afterwards some tricep dips, arm raises, situps, etc...

Calories: 392

Total Steps: 14,269



Complete a 15 minute AMRAP of:
- 10M Overhead Walking Lunges I modified b/c of knee issues and did Goblet (I want to call them Goblin b/c they are EVIL) Squats while holding the 36# Kettlebell
- 10 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with 36# kettleball
- 10M Overhead Walking Lunges I modified with Goblet Squats
- 10 Toes-to-Bar Hanging Leg Raises

This WOD had me gasping for air. I felt like I never let go of that KB and did so many squats. But I made it 6.3 rounds!!

1,000M Row
* Not for time. Focus on efficient and strong pulls.

Calories: 469

Total Steps: 14,947


Friday-CrossFit. Friday is makeup day, so today I made up Annie!!

For Time Complete:
50, 40, 30, 20, 10 of
- Double Unders
- Sit-Ups

I finished in 9:01 and then I did a lot of rowing afterwards. Something like 3000m. I was hurting!!

Calories: 388

Total Steps: 12,764


Saturday-CrossFit. This Saturday WOD is getting to be a habit! A habit that I LOVE. Partner WOD's are always so much fun!!

50 Hand release push-ups.

50 Box jumps, or step ups. I did step-ups on the 20" box.

50 Deadlifts. I am so proud! I did the RX weight of 95# and did them UNBROKEN! I got to 21 and it got a little challenging, but my partner kept me motivated to finish unbroken!

50 bar facing burpees jumpovers

50 V-Ups. These hurt my back, so I did tricep dips on the box

Cashout: 800m run, or 1000m row. I rowed.

Calories: 508

Total Steps: 11,654


For the week I burned a total of 18,409 total calories and walked 94,066 steps. My step count is significantly down compared to my last few weeks. That's because I stopped Jazzercise. I'll need to make it up by walking Matthew longer than our typical walks.

On a positive note, my weekly sleep was UP! That's great b/c I never feel like I get enough sleep.