Jump Into Fitness at AirHeads Trampoline Arena!

Last February I had the opportunity to participate in an AirHeads Trampolean group fitness program. They even used ME in some of their ads for the program. I've pointed them out to you in the flyer below. I'm the one in blue with the pink arrow pointing at me.

When AirHeads reached out to me to participate in their Jump Into Fitness challenge, I jumped (see how I did that??) at the chance to do the classes again!

You can try out a class for FREE this week on Tuesday 1/14/14 at 6:15pm, and this Saturday 1/18/14 at 9am and see if the class is right for you!

I know that the class is right for me, and I'll be starting on Tuesday January 28th. I'll be going to get my bounce on Tuesday and Thursday mornings though the month of February.

What do you receive for your $79 monthly fee?

  • UNLIMITED  fitness classes in the 30 day period (but you should really aim for 10 classes for the following month FREE perk!!)
  • weekly wellness coaching by one of our certified instructors.
  • During your initial consultation with the instructor, you have the option to set personal weight loss/body fat percentage goals. 
  • If you successfully complete the 10 class challenge, your fitness pass is FREE for the following month. 


While there is NO designated child care, your kids can jump for free while you are working out and as always, our 'flight attendants" are supervising jumping at all times. Also, you can see your kids from your fitness class! 

I hope to bounce into some of you out at AirHeads next month!


Disclosure: I received compensation and classes to participate in the Jump Into Fitness program. All opinions are my own.

CrossFit is for EVERYONE! Win a FREE WEEK OF Premier CrossFit training!

You guys all know that I LOVE CrossFit. Working out at CrossFit En Fuego has been the most positive athletic experience of my life! I do get people that ask me all the time "do you think I could do CrossFit?"  Now is your chance to find out! I'm giving away ONE FREE WEEK OF PREMIER CROSSFIT!! (Not valid for existing En Fuego members.)
Premier Crossfit meets on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9am or 4:15, with free childcare at 9am.


Guest Post by Sarah Llanos: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Endurance Certified Coach


CROSSFIT for all ages!! Could it be?? YES!! At Crossfit En Fuego, we offer programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. Crossfit combines pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running and other functional movements to build strength and cardio endurance for people of all ages and ability levels. Each WOD (workout of the day) is completely scalable to each person’s needs, depending on prior injuries, abilities, and goals. At Crossfit En Fuego, our first priority is your safety focusing a huge emphasis on technique.



If you are interested in trying Crossfit but have been intimidated or not sure if you are “fit enough” (I hear this all the time!), or maybe you just like small class sizes, come try our Premier Program. It is capped at 6-8 members and meets three times a week. You will be with the same group of people, creating a strong support group, accountability, and friendships.Oh and we have lots of fun and laughs!  




Here’s what some Premier members have to say about the program:


“Well it took me about 4 months to gain the courage to try my first class. After looking at the options I decided to try the Premier class, smaller class size, more one on one, that is what I needed if I wanted to succeed.  Well I made the right choice! The beginning was difficult, but Sarah is an amazing coach, she encourages, pushes, and give us the tools we need to reach our goals. Sarah not only helps us with our workouts but also guides us in how to fuel our bodies to get the results we want to achieve.  A year and a half later I am amazed at what I can do. Thank you Sarah & Crossfit En fuego”  - Michelle S.


“In my entire life I'd never stuck with a fitness regimen or gym for longer than a month. This month marks one year since I joined the Premier program at CrossFit En Fuego. While CrossFit is a uniquely challenging sport that encourages constant growth and learning, I credit the environment of CrossFit En Fuego and my coach Sarah Llanos with my newfound perseverance.  It is not a gym, it's a family whose members support and encourage one another as family does. Sarah is not a trainer, she's a friend that actually cares about the health, safety and growth of the people she works with. The Premier program got me started in a small group where I received personalized instruction making CrossFit accessible, safe and fun even for someone as fitness averse as I was.” -Martin J.



If you are looking for one on one training, we offer Personal Training as well. You can do this as a one on one, or grab a friend, share the cost and do it two on one! Either way, it is a great way to get specific coaching either to enhance your skills or confidence or just get a great workout!


Here is what one of my clients has to say about our Personal Training skill work sessions:


“...as a member and trainee of Sarah I highly recommend coaching. Fun and I make progress every week... So worth the time & money” -Sue P.



Wanna train for your first 5k, 10k, half, full marathon or triathlon?? OR want to make a new PR for any of the above?? Well, along with Crossfit, you can join our Endurance team at the track once a week to work your way to your running goal and learn how to run more efficiently and injury free. No experience running required, I have runners of all levels!


“I've been doing CF Endurance for about four months now and I'm running distances and paces that I never thought I'd be able to achieve…Specifically, before I learned the Pose running method, my knees, ankles and shins would hurt so badly after short runs that I pretty much just gave up running. Since learning and using the Pose method, my joints haven't hurt in any significant way, regardless of how intensively I train.” -Lee C.



Prices are as follows:

Premier- monthly $195

Personal Training Session (1 hour) $50 members $60 non-members

CrossFit Endurance Membership plus $50 month



The time has come to change your life and feel great! It’s so cliche’ but its so true! It’s 2014, the new year and time for the new stronger, healthier, more confident you!!


Would you like to win one free week of our small group class Premier Crossfit?!?!?! (Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9am or 4:15)(Free childcare at 9am)

Please contact me with any questions! Sarah,  813-966-0930 or mtnbikechick.Sl@gmail.com



To win the week of Premier CrossFit, simply share the link to this post on your FACEBOOK wall, and come back and leave me a comment letting me know you shared it :) That's it! EASY!


Weekly Workouts January 5-11, 2014

I had a pretty good week of workouts. I worked out 6 days, and 2 of those days I did doubles.


Sunday- REST DAY! Haley's BIRTHDAY!! 11,021 Steps

Monday- CrossFit.

For Time Complete:
15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of
* 200M Run (to start each round)
- Power Cleans-60#
- Front Squats-60#

I completed the WOD in 16:10 Total Calories: 494

Total Steps: 14,698


Tuesday-Kids went back to school today!! I went and did Jazzercise. Jazzercise ONLY. 479 Calories.

Total Steps: 17,478


Wednesday-DOUBLE HEADER!! I went to CrossFit AND to Jazzercise.

At CrossFit I did 4 stations, 5 rounds. NOT for time. 500m row, 12 Lateral DB Raises, 20# Med Ball Slams (in one minute, I did 22 each round) and 20" box step ups holding 10# weights. I also rowed 1400m before the WOD began since I got there a bit early and was COLD. Total calories: 501

Then I went to Jazzercise for an hour of dancing. It was fun!! Total Calories: 453

By NOON I had logged 10,628 steps. Good active day!


Thursday- Double Header!! Great WOD! It started with a 400m run, followed by 9 deadlifts (125#) and 9 Pullups, then a 200m run, followed by 15 deadlifts (115#) and 15 pull-ups, then a 100m run, followed by 21 deadlifts (95#) and 21 pull-ups. Calories 364. Then I went to Jazzercise. We did the same routine as yesterday, yet I didn't burn as many calories and I felt like I was working harder. Weird how that works out. Calories 410.

Again, by Noon I had logged over 10,000 steps! Total steps for Thursday: 17,110


Friday-Whew! I was super sore today but I went to CrossFit Cool Friday is always make-up day, so I made up Tuesday's WOD.We started with a bit of strength. 3 Push Press followed by a Split Jerk, work to a max weight. THEN....50 butterfly sit-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 50 hand release push-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 25 butterfly sit-ups, 50 single jump ropes, 25 hand release push-ups, 50 single jumps.

And then after the WOD I walked a mile. IN 12 MINUTES. That was a new one mile walking PR for me.

Calories: 469

Total Steps: 15,959

Saturday-  What a crazy morning! I was up way before dawn to get ready to appear on ABC News. My daughter Haley came along and she ended up being interviewed, too! I had to dress in work-out clothing, so by the time I got home, it was 8:15am, and I figured I'd go and workout at 9am since I was already dressed and ready to go!

We did a GREAT partner WOD. 25 minutes of a 400m run, 10 crawlers, 15 ring rows, 20 overhead walking lunges.

Calories: 667

Steps: 17,869


Total Weekly Steps: 110,365 (that's over 52 miles!!)

Total Calories: 19,506 (includes all calories, from exercise, and calories burned from being alive LOL)

This is the weekly chart from my Loop. You can see that every day I exceeded 100% of my activity goals. I'm doing well with moving my body!

How was your week in workouts?