Weekly Workouts January 12-18

by jennifer18. January 2014 21:10
I had a pretty good week of workouts! I worked out 6 days and 3 of those days were doubles!! I moved a total of 122,569 steps and burned 19,126 calories for the week. That's an increase of over 12,000 steps, but a decrease of just about 500 calories compared to last week. Weird. I know at one point during my Saturday WOD my Loop wasn't registering because when I uploaded the data it only showed me working out for :40 minutes and burning 97 calories.  I've also been doing the Mamavation boot... [More]

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CrossFit Games 2014-It's Happening

by jennifer16. January 2014 13:55
Nothing like a little peer pressure from the TOP FEMALE ATHLETE in your box to get you signed up for the 2014 CrossFit Games Open. It started innocently enough. Katie put out a little post on Facebook indicating that she had signed up. I replied with something like "oh, how I wish I could do it." And Katie replies with something to the effect of "you can do, get off your lazy ass and sign up." So I did. See...peer pressure.     What are the CrossFit Games?"The CrossFit Games are the... [More]

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Morbid obesity and back pain

by jennifer15. January 2014 12:15
Life as a morbidly obese woman was HARD! Besides the everyday stares, looks, and comments, I had pain. Back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. By the age of 37, I felt like my life was over.  And then I had my "a-ha" moment. That moment when life suddenly comes into focus, a plan gets made, and things start happening.  My "a-ha" moment happened while I was trying to play kickball with my kids (#tampatrio ) when I fell and twisted my knee and ankle very badly. I couldn't get up off the... [More]

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