Herbal Essences Naked Kit-A Review

by jennifer23. January 2014 10:23
Last month I posted that I had received a Herbal Essences Naked kit from WalMart and Herbal Essences. I had the last few weeks to try out the shampoo and I like it. It has a wonderful grapefruit scent. It smells very clean. I also tried the dry shampoo and that was interesting. I couldn't commit to using the product every time I washed my hair because my hair is heavily processed and I need to use a special shampoo/conditioner, but I did like it on the days that I used it. I let my daughters use... [More]

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Iron Girl Cleawater 2014 Giveaway and Discount Code

by jennifer22. January 2014 14:31
Have you been thinking about doing a 5K or a 1/2 Marathon? Iron Girl is an awesome running series for women only. Last year was my first year running in Iron Girl, and I did it with my oldest daughter. We had so much fun!I haven't decided yet which distance I'm doing this year!! I loved being able to do the 5K with my little Pixie, but I have really enjoyed walking the longer distances, so I'm torn. If I had a buddy to walk the 1/2 marathon with I would do it in a heartbeat. But the idea of wa... [More]

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The Power of Support

by jennifer22. January 2014 11:43
In 2008 I felt alone. Weird considering I had 3 babies, was in graduate school full-time, had a husband who adored me, and a group of "mommy" friends that I saw on a fairly regular basis. But I was alone. I was depressed. In the mid 1990's I was active. I did Jazzercise. That was my first taste of group fitness. I loved it. I joined alone, convinced my younger sister to go a few times, then she stopped, but by that time I had made fitness friendships with a core group of older women. I was only ... [More]

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