Push Away the Screen: The Color Run Clearwater 2014

by jennifer26. January 2014 16:45

The Color Run 2014 was supposed to be our "redemption run." Last year my family got sick with the bird flu (Type A Influenza) and only one child had recovered enough to participate in the Color Run. Ella and I had a great time and we couldn't wait to #pushawaythescreen and do it as a family in 2014.

And then this happened....THE NIGHT BEFORE THE RACE!!

The boy child was at a friend's house for a play date and he fell and cut his knee pretty badly. 5 stitches later, and we knew he was out for the Color Run 2014.

We came home from the doctor, told his sister's and they cried for him, and adamantly said "IF RONIN DOESN'T DO IT, WE DON'T DO IT. WE WILL STAY HOME AND KEEP HIM COMPANY."  Laughing Such sweet girls.

I put out a call on social media that I suddenly had 3 extra entries for the race and would love some company so this mama didn't have to run the race alone! One of my friends answered my plea and we made plans to meetup and carpool before dawn!

Ronin woke me up at 2am crying and in extreme amounts of pain. A little bit of Motrin and some mama snuggles and he was back to dreamland.

Before I knew it my alarm was going off. I had my clothing ready, got quickly dressed, kissed sleeping children and husband goodbye, grabbed my coffee and headed out the door!

My friend was right where she said she'd be, jumped in my car and off we went!

We arrived at the start line with plenty of time to spare. We even got a super close parking spot. The race was off to a great start, and we hadn't even begun!

This is our selfie just as we parked the car! Because we all need selfies! Wink

As we approached the start line we could already hear the music pumping, and we quickly made our way through the expo area. We found this cute Yoplait Greek yogurt tent that took your photo throwing color into the air. They also took a video that posted on Facebook, and you can see that HERE


Arriving early meant we had plenty of time to look at everything and get photos at the start line before the massive amounts of people showed up!

We had planned to do the race with my friend Carolyn who had picked up our race packets on Saturday, but after meeting up with Carolyn, heading back to the car to drop off the bags, going to the bathroom, and then heading to the start line, we lost her and never found her throughout the race. Frown

But I did find fellow runner blogger, Nanci from This Crazy Life of Mine.


Thousands of runners gathered near the start. But the Color Run is not like your typical race. Instead of everyone starting at the same time we went in staggered waves of a few hundred at a time, spaced about 5 minutes apart.

We waited, and waited, and waited, and at about 9:15am we were off!! My Color Run partner considers herself a "non-runner" but like me, makes goals during her runs, so I followed her lead. She'd say "let's run to that sign" or "let's run to that light." And we'd do it. I'd say most of the time we were running 800 meters before we'd stop for a breather. It really worked out well.

Our first color station was PURPLE!!

We emerged through the Purple Haze laughing, coughing, and covered in purple! And off we went on our run!

Next up was PINK!! My favorite color!! Who loves pink? This girl LOVES pink!

And then there was water!! Glorious water! We rinsed out our mouths, drank some water and ran some more. In fact, we ran straight to the Sunoco gas station for a quick break. Thankfully we were in and out fairly quickly after I discovered a hidden bathroom that was also being used as a supply closet! Never underestimate the will of a runner who must pee.

Back on the course, we quickly came across yellow. And looking back now, I find this photo very funny considering what I just said in the sentence above!

Next up was Blue!


And then another water station! And then surprise! Another bathroom break was needed.

Little did we know that blue was out last color station. We started running, heard a police officer tell another participant that the finish line was 1/4 mile up the road. He lied. Wink

But along the way we came across the famous Clearwater Dolphins. Here I am with Harrison and Spot!



I thought these dolphins were scattered around the city, but we started seeing more of them, and I said FORGET IT, I don't need any more photos with dolphins, let's just run!!

That 1/4 mile was the longest 1/4 mile of my life. We run 400m quite often at CrossFit, so I know how long a 1/4 mile is. And this was not a 1/4 mile. We ran, and ran, and ran. We dodged walkers, and ran some more. Suddenly we saw the bridge in the distance and knew we must be close. We rounded the bend and bam...there it was!! The finish. I said to my buddy "now let's go, this is why we do sprint work at CrossFit" and off we went!

We made it! We finished!

We wandered around for just a few minutes, but needed to leave. Between the two of us we have 7 children, so we needed to get back home! But not before I spotted this sign!

Unicorns are cool.

This was a great race. A little different from last year's Color Run (no orange, more water stations) and I really enjoyed the new location at Coachman Park.

This is the first run in the past year where I have run more than I have walked. I feel like maybe, just maybe, I have re-discovered my running legs.

This was my friend's FIRST 5K and she LOVED it. She loved everything about it and can't wait to do more. Good thing since we have the Spartan Race in 2 weeks. Tongue Out


Have you ever done The Color Run? Where?


Disclaimer: The Color Run provided me with race entries to participate in their event. All opinions are my own.

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