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Our family loves fish. Eating a clean diet is very important and a diet full of lean proteins is one of our highest priorities. I'm fortunate that my children (ages 7, 8, and 9) have grown up loving fish, and it's a staple in our diet.

We were all so excited when this lovely package arrived on our door step! It was packed in dry ice and was frozen as could be!

We received the Omega-3 Protein Mix, and if you've been following my blog for a while, you know how important getting high quality Omega 3 fatty acids are to my families diet. In addition, studies show that a diet high in fish, particularly fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids, enhances athletic performance and overall health. Perhaps this is also why I'm PR'ing lift after lift at CrossFit??

Our package included:

Per portion: The middle number is the Omega 3 fatty acids!! Holy brain food!!

 My kids immediately wanted fish for dinner!!

Using my amazing T-Fal Optigrill, I was ready to cook!!

I asked my son which of the fish he was most excited to try, and he happily looked through them and choose the Coho Salmon!

My grill is so amazing that it can easily cook frozen just as easily as defrosted, so I didn't have to worry about thawing out any of the fish, it was ready to go as is.

Unfortunately, shortly after this picture was taken, my son suffered a head injury and had to be rushed to the ER for staples to the head. Yell

We arrived home a bit later and my husband had cooked all the fish. Despite the fact that I had to re-heat it in the microwave it was SO TASTY!!

My family can put away some fish. We cooked 10 filets that evening and the husband and I each had one serving...the children ate the rest!!

I think it's safe to say that they LOVED IT! We didn't cook it in any fancy way. I don't like masking the real flavor of fish. I want to teach my children to enjoy food in its natural flavorings. Before Ronin's injury happened, I made a quick lemon pepper seasoning. Just a dash of pepper and a dash of True Lemon granulated seasoning.

Besides the fact that the fish was AWESOME, I also enjoyed how it came in the perfect serving size. For this Weight Watcher it made it super easy to calculate the points plus value of my fish! Normally we buy Salmon in a huge filet and I end up guessing how much it weighs. The Coho Salmon was 3 P+.

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Do you enjoy fish? What type is your favorite??

Weigh In Wednesday Week 1


23 pounds. That's how much weight I gained from November 3, 2012-November 20, 2013. About 2 pounds per month. Don't really notice 2 pounds creeping up on you until suddenly it's 23 pounds. I started to notice that something was different in July. My legs were suddenly much bigger, as was my back end. Tongue Out BUT...the thing was, it was muscle. It was firm. I chalked it up to lean muscle mass, bought larger shorts (went from a size Medium to a Large) and kept on keeping on. I am the fittest I have EVER been in my life. I have muscles in places that I thought I would never have! It's pretty awesome. But.....

Summer and the return to the school year was stressful for me. But I'm not going to let stress be an excuse or a crutch. EVERYONE has stress. It's the way we respond to the stress that matters.

I guess I responded to my stress by cracking open one too many beers. Undecided

And then we had a cold day back in October. I pulled out my jeans and they didn't FIT! They fit in July, but they didn't fit in late October. I could get them on, zipped, etc., but they looked horrible and it seriously looked like a can of Pillsbury Grands Biscuits had exploded.  I knew then that something was seriously wrong. Around the same time my size Large shorts were getting a bit more snug than I would have liked. I had to buy an XL. They looked so big on the hanger. So big. I cried a little bit when they fit and didn't fall off my hips when I put them on. I made a promise to myself that I would examine my daily food intake and try to figure out what was going on. Within a week the XL shorts were sliding off my hips (actually slid off during a CrossFit workout) and that led me to believe that whatever I was eating/drinking previous to this week was NOT the right path.

I eat a very clean diet. I don't eat added sugar, don't drink caffeine, no diet soda, no fat free crap. I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and protein.

It's not like I sat there and binged on cookies. No. I worked my butt off in the gym, and I ate too much healthy food. I tracked a normal day on etools and when I should have been eating 29 points per day, I was eating/drinking 46!! Chicken adds up, people!! So do beans! Oh and beer. Yell

Yes, you can eat too much healthy food. It is a simple formula. Calories in/calories out. Too many calories in, and not enough calories out caused me to bulge out of my pants like a can of freaking biscuits.

So I did what any good loser would do. I had a conversation with my husband, I put on my big girl panties, made a commitment to myself, made myself accountable on my blog, on my social media channels, and today I drove my butt to Weight Watchers.

And that's where I learned that I gained 23 pounds.

This is my new leader. Her name is Pam. She is very nice. She lost 20 pounds and has kept it off for 11 years.

I'll be updating you all every Wednesday as that is my official weigh in day. So here I go again on a weight loss journey. Except this time I get to do it in front of all of you. Thank you in advance for being my virtual cheerleaders.

Have you ever lost a significant amount of weight and then regain some?? How did you handle it??

What do you know about muscle gain?? What do you think is a reasonable estimate of muscle gain in a total 23lb gain??


I Believe in Weight Watchers

I lost over 200lbs with the help of Weight Watchers. I'm guessing that I've managed to keep 90% of it off. This past year I have not tracked AT. ALL. I have not been to a meeting and I haven't weighed in.

Yikes. So hard to believe. Pun not intended.

I was part of their 2012 national advertising campaign BELIEVE. I was all over TV ads, I was being interviewed left and right by national media outlets. I believed in Weight Watchers, in myself, in EVERYTHING!



I think over the course of 2013 I believed that I could do it alone. Truth of the matter is, I CAN'T!  I NEED my weekly meetings. They INSPIRE me. They help to keep me on track. They help me to BELIEVE.

I'm excited and nervous for my weigh in tomorrow. I know I haven't gained back an awful lot, but I know I've gained. I can tell because my winter pants from last year don't fit. I know I've gained muscle in my legs, butt, arms and chest. But I also know that I've been eating too much and haven't been tracking.

That stopped YESTERDAY! I tracked all day yesterday and had a huge eye-opener when I found that my normal daily diet has me exceeding what I calculated my daily points to be. Oops. That's a problem.

I'm just glad that I realized something was going on before the issue got too out of hand.


Are you an introvert or an extrovert?? I am an extrovert. I NEED people!!