October 9

I am restless. In less than 3 days I will be competing in my FIRST CrossFit competition, The Diablo Games.

I am just an excited ball of energy right now!! I train day in and day out and really should be well prepared for Saturday. Especially since I know 3 of the 4 WOD's Smile Only one WOD has me freaked out and that is WOD #2. Here are the WOD's for you to see:

Complete an 8 minute AMRAP of:
- 1 Clean & Jerk (75/45)
- 1 Ring Row
- 3 Single Unders
- 2 Clean & Jerks (75/45)
- 2 Ring Rows
- 6 Single Unders
- 3 Clean & Jerks (75/45)
- 3 Ring Rows
- 9 Single Unders
… Continue adding 1 rep every round to the Clean & Jerks/Ring Rows and 3 reps every round to the Single Unders until time expires.

Find a 2 rep max Shoulder-to-Overhead lift.

- The athlete will have exactly 6 minutes to successfully complete 2 unbroken (without reracking) lifts.
- The lifts may be a Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk. The athlete may use any combination of these lifts as well.
- There must be complete control of the bar overhead with feet together for the reps to count.
- The athlete may drop the bar from overhead on the second lift, but will be required to pick it up on their own to replace on the rack for any subsequent lift attempts.
- Clips must be used for each lift.
- The bar will start on the rack unloaded. On "3,2,1,Go" the athlete will load the bar on their own to the desired starting weight.
- The athlete must have both lifts completed BEFORE the 6 minute cutoff for it to count.

Max Length Bar Hang

- The athlete will have 1 attempt at a max length bar hang.
- Athletes will be able to choose which bar to hang from.
- Athletes may use any grip they choose with the exception of interlocking fingers above the bar.
- Arms may be bent or straight.
- On "3,2,1,Go" the athlete must be in the hang position. Once the athlete drops time is stopped.

 WOD #3

For Time Complete:

15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of
- Wall Balls
* 10 yard “Weight Drag”
- Deadlifts
* 10 yard “Weight Drag”

WOD Description:
- Athletes will start at their assigned Wall Ball station with their Wall Ball on the ground in front of them. At “3,2,1,Go” athletes will pick up the Wall Ball and begin their set of 15. Once 15 good reps are completed the athlete will go to a designated lane where they will grab a handle attached to their weight stack. They will drag the weight stack, by pulling it backwards, approximately 10 yards to another designated area. At this station they will set down the handle, go to their assigned Deadlift bar and complete 15 good Deadlifts. Upon completion of the Deadlifts the athlete will grab the handle of their weight stack again and drag it back, in the same manner, to the Wall Ball station where they will begin their set of 12. Athletes will continue this format until the last set of 3 Deadlifts is completed OR the time cap is reached.
- 12 minute time cap.

Okay, so why does WOD 2 have me freaked out?? A few reasons. I struggle with overhead lifts. I suffered a shoulder injury in 2001, had surgery, years of physical therapy, and yet that shoulder still nags me. I can feel it "snag" when I lift something heavy overhead. My 2 rep max overhead lift is 75 pounds. And while I'm proud that I can lift that much over my head, I know it's not going to be enough to win WOD 2. And then adding insult to injury, the second half of WOD 2 is a max length bar hang. Yell I have like baby hands. Seriously they are so small that I have a heck of a time wrapping them around the rig. What's a rig. Here's the rig. Basically an adult set of monkey bars.

I have tried all sorts of grips, tape etc., and so far the longest I have been able to hang before my hands start to pull and rip is 7 seconds. Sigh. It doesn't hurt my shoulder, or wrists, or anything else. It's just my freaking hands. I think I have a deformity.  So I'm looking at scoring MAYBE 85 points for the 2nd WOD and there are women in my division who can overhead lift way more than that. So I've resolved that while I'll probably finish last in WOD 2, I need to bring my A Game for WODs 1 and 3, and hopefully WOD 4 will be kind to me and not include any rig or running. Tongue Out If I can score well on the other WOD's then I have a chance of not finishing last. Not that I would really care about finishing last, I just don't want to!

One benefit is that I am in the last heat of the Women's Division which means that I can cheer everyone else on, see what techniques they use for WOD 2, get myself all psyched out by watching my fellow athletes kick serious butt and then go and give it all I've got!!

Regardless of what place I finish in, I am a winner for even attempting a competition, AND I get this totally cool shirt!

In celebration of the Diablo Games, I went and had my nails done today! I picked Diablo Red. Was there really any other choice??


What do you think of my upcoming competition?? Any advice for me??

October 8

Last night I finished A Discovery of Witches and I had a great night's sleep and woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day wanted to throw at me!

Then I checked Facebook. Tongue Out I saw some of my CrossFitbuddies post that they had gotten really dirty at the 5:15am WOD (workout of the day.) My mind started spinning. What would we do that I would get dirty?? One picture just showed their hands, so I thought they were doing bear crawls. I quickly changed my mind about my shirt choice, got the kids ready for school, etc., and off we went.

I got to the box and was happily surprised to see that this was our WOD!

Rope climbing, tire flipping, and push-ups! There is just something about flipping tires that makes me all happy and giddy :)

We had a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) to complete 3 rope climbs, 5 pushups, and 5 tire flips.

I was feeling so good, that I decided to use the 250lb tire, which was the 2nd biggest tire out on the course today!

I made it 11 complete rounds, plus did an extra set of push-ups before time was called. But I wasn't finished yet. Laughing I did my post-wod 2 mile walk and it was lovely! The weather is getting so nice!

This is what I looked like at the end of my workout! Wink

I guess you could say I got a little dirty! And I still had errands to run! I went to Publix looking like this! And I smelled too. You know it's bad when you can smell yourself. I'm making chicken fajitas for dinner tonight and I needed some bell peppers.

Then I went to the library. While I didn't love A Discovery of Witches, it left me hanging to know what happens next, so I went and checked out the sequel.

I also got some Goddess Girl books for Ella, and Haley had decided she likes them too, so I checked out the entire series since Haley can read a book in a day.

Then I was done with my morning errands.  I need to pick the kids up early because 6 months ago I had the bright idea to schedule the dentist for them all at the same time. Undecided Why did I do that??

How was your day? Have you ever flipped tires?? What are you currently reading??

Lake Buena Vista Resorts and Spa-Reflections Spa Review

Disclaimer: I received complimentary services. No other compensation was received. Photos and opinions are my own.

 Last Tuesday I was invited to spend a day of pampering at Reflections Spa at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa. I received a schedule stating that check-in was at 9:45 and from 10am-11am was relaxation and meditation. I checked in, put on my robe, and went out in to the relaxing room for my hour of meditation.

For some reason I just assumed that at a Spa an hour of meditation would take on a yoga like feel, with someone leading a class so to speak. But no. We just sat in this room. With drinks, and cookies, and gossip magazines. I could not relax at all. If I had known I'd just be sitting on my own accord I would have brought a good book to read.

My first treatment was scheduled to being at 11am, but I waited an additional 30 minutes, finally being led out of the meditation room at 11:30.

I was able to pick 2 services. My first service was a 50 minute Tropical Island Massage – "This ultra luxurious full body massage captures the feel and smells of the island. Surrender your senses and release all tensions as our skilled massage therapists create a massage designed just for your unique needs." It did feel really good and I was able to relax. The oils she used on me smelled so good, I loved it!

Immediately upon finishing up my massage, my next service was ready to begin, so off I went for my first ever facial! For my 50 minute facial included a careful analysis of my skin, followed by cleansing, exfoliation and treatment mask application.  She said my skin looked good. Some sun damage, and a few blackheads, but overall it was fine. She asked if I wanted the blackheads extracted. I've never had a facial before. She told me it would hurt pretty bad. I was like "eh, whatever, go for it." Oh it hurt all right. Really bad. I had to have her stop before she was able to finish. Ouch. But she warned me! The rest of my facial was stress-free and relaxing.

With my two services completed, next on my schedule was lunch. But I couldn't eat anything but the fruit kabobs. They were good and all, but I told them of my dietary restrictions, and so all I got was fruit.

But I did grab some of those cookies for my trio.

After lunch was another hour of meditation and I was not up for that, so I changed my clothing and left, smelling of the tropics and feeling refreshed and relaxed.

I'd like to come back to Stay Sky with my family. It looks like a great place to #pushawaythescreen. With 498 lavishly furnished multi-bedroom suites, families have ACCOMMODATIONS  room to kick back, relax and feel right at home. All suites feature fully equipped kitchens, granite countertops and appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and microwave allowing guests to prepare the perfect meal before or after hitting the pool and theme parks.Suites offer two-, three- and four-bedroom floor plans and feature additional amenities including in-room washer and dryer, fully equipped kitchen with dishes and silverware, living room, dining room and outdoor balconies. Master bathrooms feature an oversized Jacuzzi tub, his/her sinks and separate walk-in shower.  It's so important when our family travels that we have control over our meals so a fridge, stove, is a MUST for us!

But really, the pool area is really high up on our list of activities and this hotel claims to have a good one!
"Spectacular, zero-entry pirate themed pool features a 61-foot long pirate shipwreck complete with towering water slide that spirals its way around the underbelly of the ship to splash in front of mom and dad. Poolside sun loungers, hammocks and Jacuzzi add to the relaxing ambiance.The pirate plunge pool is open everyday from 7 am to 10 pm.  Which is AWESOME if you have early risers like I do!

I went to Lake Buena Vista Resorts to experience Reflections Spa and want to go back for another relaxing massage and to have fun with my kids! Smile


Have you ever had a facial? Did you enjoy it?