Jenny's Top 5 Tips to Avoid Halloween Temptations

by jennifer16. October 2013 23:48
Halloween starts the beginning of the Holiday junk food season. Walking through the stores you just see dozens of different types of candy. Candy is just empty calories, void of any nutrients, and one snack size bar can pack a whopping 100 calories. I have to run a mile to burn 100 calories. Do I want to run an extra mile just for a piece of chocolate. No, I do not.  Losing and keeping off over 200 pounds is not easy, so what do I do to avoid the temptation of Halloween candy?? This is a... [More]

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by jennifer16. October 2013 12:44
There has been a blog post floating around Facebook this week, and my CrossFit En Fuego coach posted it last night and even though I had already read it, I took a deeper look at it, and at myself. Since starting CrossFit, I haven't been to any other box. When we went on vacation, I thought I might be able to visit a box in Asheville, but I didn't. I did some traveling WOD's instead and of course, lots of hiking. Like the woman who writes the blog Fat CrossFitter, I am larger than your average ... [More]

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Giveaway! Purtian's Pride Halloween Survival Kit!!

by jennifer15. October 2013 14:49
Disclaimer: I was provided with a Halloween Survival Kit from Puritan's Pride and one to giveaway to a reader! This Halloween Survival Kit from Puritan’s Pride will definitely come in handy this Fall. I gave the Green Coffee Bean extract to a friend since I'm caffeine free, and have been taking the cinnamon and probiotics on a daily basis! What's included?? Cinnamon, Stevia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, probiotics, and honey ginger.   What are some of the known health ... [More]

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