Women Who Lift: Meet Joan

Welcome to my feature: Women Who Lift. If you are interested in being interviewed for the series, please email me at jennifer@metamorfit.org  I would love to spotlight you. You don't have to have a blog, you just have to be a woman who lifts! Today I am spotlighting Joan. Joan works out at my box CrossFit En Fuego. I had the opportunity to meet Joan many months ago during a 9 am class and she's inspired me countless times since then. Joan is the embodiment of the philosophy of if you take ... [More]

The Evolution of a Dead Lift PR

PR stands for a Personal Record. Throughout my weight loss and fitness journey I've had the opportunity to set all sorts of PR's. 2011-2012 was my year to set running PR's. In 2013 I made the commitment to MY KIDS that this would be the year for THEM to set running PR's so every race we've done together has been at their pace. They've been quite happy with WALKING most of the races, so my running has really gone to pot this year, but that's OK, I've had the opportunity to set PR's in other areas... [More]

Tween Devil Costume

Disclaimer: HalloweenAdventure.com provided me with this costume for Haley to review. My three kids could not be more different when it comes to choosing their costumes for Halloween. Haley wants to be a devil, Ella wants to be an angel, and Ronin wants to be a zombie. Not only do I need to find costumes that are fun, but they also need to be modest, comfortable, and appropriate for school. After looking through their page of DEVIL costumes, it was a hard decision to pick one would be the one... [More]