Women Who Lift: Meet Katie M.

Welcome to my feature: Women Who Lift. If you are interested in being interviewed for the series, please email me at jennifer@metamorfit.org  I would love to spotlight you. You don't have to have a blog, you just have to be a woman who lifts!

Today I am spotlighting Katie. Katie works out CrossFit 9,in St. Petersburg, FL but we've never had the opportunity to do any sort of athletic event together!   We've both active in the Tampa Bay Bloggers, and that's how we connected. She's very motivating, and fun. You can connect with Katie through social media!



Twitter: @KatieBoBatie_

Instagram: @katiebobatie_

Meet Katie


Name: Katie Mulford
Age: 27
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator
Location: St. Pete, FL

Favorite WOD: I love the WODs that make you feel like you’re going to die at the end, ha! I am all about the high intensity workouts because they make me feel the most accomplished.
Favorite Lift: Deadlift…it’s the easiest for me to progress in! I also love front and back squat.
Deadlift Max: 185# Looking forward to breaking 200#!
Back squat Max: 160#
Overhead Max: Which lift? 60# overhead squat
Favorite Girl? I haven’t done all of them so I feel like I can’t choose…I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve done though so far!
Got Muscle-ups? Ha! Not yet.
1 mile run: Not sure on exact time, but I know I can run 1 mile in around 10 minutes.

How long have you been CrossFitting? Since October 2012.

What keeps you coming back/motivated? Everything…the coaches, the people, the workouts. I may be biased, but I think my box has the best coaches out there. They are so knowledgeable and incredibly encouraging. And they know when to push me to do my best. My fellow box mates are equally as encouraging and it’s always so awesome to walk into the box after a long day. Everyone’s always in a good mood and they’re all just great people in general. I love seeing so many different people come together for the love of CrossFit.

How did you find CrossFit? I had heard about CrossFit a few years before I actually tried it. A friend had tried it, but it wasn’t for her. Then the CrossFit “craze” started to kick in and I heard more and more about it and how effective it was. My boyfriend’s sisters started going to CrossFit in Ft. Myers so I heard a lot about it and was able to ask them a lot of questions. They were in love with it (and one used to hate working out) so I was pretty much sold once I talked to them about it.

What is your athletic background? I was never into sports growing up. I tried softball, soccer and volleyball, but I liked dance better. I started exercising on my own towards the end of high school. But I had no clue what I was doing and just did snippets of exercises out of magazines. It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I really started getting into healthy living. I learned the “science” behind working out and what I was actually supposed to do to get an effective workout. I realized I loved group classes and started going to a small locally owned gym that did a lot of bootcamp style workouts. I enjoyed it and went on and off for a few years. And then I found CrossFit.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? CrossFit has completely changed the way I see my body. I am much more confident than I’ve ever been. I have a little pooch on my stomach? I have a little cellulite? Who cares!? I just got a PR! I love my body for what it can DO and not how it looks from day to day. I love feeling strong more than I love feeling thin. To me this is a realization that every woman needs to make.

I’ve also learned to not say “I can’t” or “I suck”. Those phrases do not exist in CrossFit. You have to believe in yourself. And that attitude crosses over into your every day life.

I also take care of my body more and listen to it more. Heavy lifting will make you do that! I get massages, I do yoga…and I don’t feel bad if I choose sleep over a workout…because clearly it’s what my body needs.

What is the one thing you have done at CrossFit that you never thought you could do?
Heavy lifting in general! I never ever thought I’d be lifting.

What motivates/inspires you? My coaches and my box mates. They are all amazing human beings.

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement?  Anytime I get a PR is a pretty amazing feeling and I’m reminded how far I’ve come.

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit? I can’t wait for the day when I can do pull ups without a band!

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit? An unexpected goal was the realizations I stated above. Even though it was unexpected I’d say it was the most important goal I could ever achieve.

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit? Blogging, writing, reading, going to theater shows, running, hanging out with friends, family, my boyfriend and our dog, Maddie.

Do you follow a special diet? Paleo? Whole30? I really don’t believe in “diets” and follow the rule of thumb “everything in moderation”. However, I realize that everyone is different and different things work for different people. I just don’t think any kind of diet is one that people can sustain long term. Unless they have allergies, sensitivities, etc. I did try Paleo for a week with a friend. I wanted to see what it was all about and at the time needed a jump start to eat healthier again. As I expected, it was not for me.

What is your favorite meal?  
I love all food! My favorite everyday kind of meal is pork tenderloin, roasted sweet potatoes and a roasted vegetable. I love roasted anything haha.

Any advice for new members?
Don’t be intimidated and don’t be afraid. Turn off the voice inside your head and believe in yourself. Don’t look around and compare yourself to others. Some people have been CrossFitting for years…so even though you may think you’re lifting too little that will change over time. And everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to form and always ask questions. Be proud of yourself for doing something wonderful for you and your body!


I LOVE this quote from Katie  "I love my body for what it can DO and not how it looks from day to day."

This is so true and I need to embrace it more! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my stretch marks and loose skin that I forget what my body is capable of doing!


October 4

What a Thursday!

I started off my day getting pushed by a fellow parent. He didn't notice, or if he did he didn't slow down at all. But he bumped me in the shoulder off the path and in to a fence where a metal rod thingy was sticking out. I got jabbed and scraped up Undecided

I drove to CrossFit En Fuego where I cleaned and bandaged it up and did a great workout!

A 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 10 Power Cleans, 10 Front Squats, 10 Hand Release Push-Ups. It was tough! But I did it, 6 rounds,  with 55#. Pretty happy with that.

After the WOD I walked 2 miles with Chris. It was a beautiful morning. I came home, made lunch. I had a wonderful mixed green salad with lemon pepper salmon. It was delicious. Nearly all my veggies were from Carlita's Co-Op. I am so lucky I found them.

After lunch I went and had a massage with the amazing Debbie Forbes. She worked out a lot of kinks from the triathlon. There is always an inspirational message on her board, and this was today's message:

 It's never too late

It's never too bad

You are never too old or sick

To Start Again

Love it.

Because the weather has been nicer, Matthew and I left to pick up the trio well in advance of their normal bus time to get in a little bit of fresh-air. It was nice. The girls quickly did their homework, without any nagging (so nice!!) and Haley helped me cook while Ella and Ronin played with the gaggle of kids on our street.

I made stuffed green peppers for dinner and they were tasty!

Matthew managed to get a hold of Ronin's football and punctured it. Ronin thought it was a brilliant idea to put band-aids on the football and then have me re-inflate it.

But it didn't work. And Matthew got a hold of it again.

The kids spent the rest of the evening playing with friends, and getting ready for school.

Today I will workout, walk my miles, and then come home and mow the lawn and clean what I can inside. My mama is coming up so we can walk in the Race for the Cure event on Saturday and then we'll head to Sea World for Spooktacular after that.  If you happen to be up at Spooktacular, you can participate in the The Super Starfish of the Day program which gives kids and their families the star treatment all day long with awesome prizes including Quick Queue passes to skip the line at your favorite attractions, All Day Dining passes, reserved seating at our incredible shows and more!

To become the Super Starfish of the Day, simply post a photo of yourselves in costumes at SeaWorld Orlando by noonon our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #SeaWorldSpooktacular. We will announce the winner shortly after 12:15!

We are BUSY!! Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend??

I can't wait to

Disclaimer: I am being compensated by Girl Scouts for my participation in the #ICantWaitTo campaign as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All photos and opinions are my own.


I can't wait to.....

This is a question I hear from my Irish Triplets and my husband on a daily basis.

I can't wait to have a phone (Haley).

I can't wait to be 16 (Ella).

I can't wait to karate chop down a tree (Ronin).

I can't wait to own my own business (husband).

I'm super excited to just sit back and watch all their "can't wait's" turn into I DID IT!

I couldn't wait for my daughters to join Girl Scouts. I was a Girl Scout (my mom was co-leader of my troop) and I remember LOVING it. In fact, I still have my original Brownie jumper!!

When Haley was in kindergarten I called our local council and was told that there was a pretty long wait list for girls in our area. We had a ton of girls but not enough volunteers. I wish I could volunteer, but having 3 kids just a year apart from each other really doesn't give me any spare time for volunteer work, so I added my name to the list and waited.

It took a year, but we finally got a troop and by this time my next daughter was in Kindergarten, so I had two girls who would be in the same troop!

They loved it and were so happy to be a part of such a great group of girls. Did you know that a 2012 study of more than 3,750 women by the Girl Scout Research Institute, titled Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Impact Study, women who were Girls Scouts as girls display positive life outcomes, higher incomes, and education levels, and make more money than women who were not Girl Scouts.

Our entire troop bridged to Brownies at the end of the year because we had more 1st graders than Kindergarteners.

Throughout that first year as Scouts, my girls learned so much about themselves and what they were capable of doing! They went camping where they did archery, and sang songs, and went on nature hikes, and they did it all without their mama. See, we do stuff like that as a family (well, not camping Tongue Out) but their dad and I are always there telling them what to do. Being able to do something like this without their parents was really a huge confidence booster for my girls.

At the end of their first year we learned that our troop would be changing. Our leader was not able to lead anymore, but we had two moms who jumped right in and took over. And we also learned we'd be changing meeting locations. This was a tough one for me to swallow. Our current location was 5 minutes from home. Our new location was more like 30 minutes from home. But we did it and had a great first year as Brownies!!

They went camping! And I felt so confident in the troop volunteers and the Girl Scout personnel, that I allowed Haley to go with a broken arm! See her pink cast?


They had a make-up/dress-up/fashion show party with their cookie money!

They loved it so much that they spent an ENTIRE WEEK at Girl Scout sleep away camp! A WEEK! NO MOM! NO DAD! NO LITTLE BROTHER!! They came home so dirty, with such great stories to tell!

We started our second year of Brownies, and it was challenging. The further driving distance really began to take its toll on me. And on the kids. We were feeling rushed, pressured, and I reached out to the Council for help in placing us in a troop closer to home. Wasn't able to make it happen so late in the year.

My daughter's did bridge to Juniors at the end of last year, but we are currently troop less. Undecided


Girl Scouts was and is a super important part of our family. Fingers crossed that we can find a new troop soon!!

Girl Scouts fills a vital community need and gave my girls a great place to have fun, and try new experiences!!

Our family continues to support Girl Scouts and just this past weekend we participated in the FIRST ever Girl Scout Thin Mint Sprint! It was an awesome event!

So while we might be troop less, we will continue to support Girl Scouts and this summer my girls will once again be returning for a week of summer fun at Girl Scout Camp!!

You can connect with Girl Scouts through all forms of social media!