Eating to Perform for the Diablo Games and beyond

I am gearing up for my first CrossFit competition.

That's right! A COMPETITION. Anyone that knows me knows that I am super competitive. Not competitive like "in or to win it or else" but I love the feeling of pushing myself to do my best knowing that there might be a prize at the end. Tongue Out

When I was a kid I was always the top-reader in the class and won awards for reading the most books. Those crazy little paper bookworms weaved their way all around my bedroom!

As I got older, lost weight, and discovered fitness, I'll attempt anything if it involves receiving a medal or a t-shirt. Wink I have dozens of race medals, and more race shirts than I can count.

When I started CrossFit 6 months ago, the CrossFit Games were just starting. I had no idea that CrossFit was a "real sport" with televised events, sponsors, world class athletes, etc...

Fast forward to today. I have watched in awe the CrossFit Games, I have seen the amazing athletes at my box training for local competitions, and secretly I scour the internet for competitions that are close to me. I check out their standards, and I balk. I want the shirt, but I feel like I am not quite to the caliber of the other athletes. Even choosing the "scaled" option of a lot of these competitions intimidate the hell out of me. I actually had on my bucket list to compete in a CrossFit competition one day.

It's like my box read my mind when they announced recently that they would be hosting a member's only competition. I kid you not when I tell you that I was the FIRST person to sign up. Tongue Out I mean really, have you seen the design of the shirt?? It's so cool!

I signed up for the scaled division before I even read the standards. Scaled means that it's not quite as difficult as the RX division. These are the scaled standards that could be included in the competition.

- Ring Rows
- Single Jump Ropes
- Box Step-Ups
- Hanging Knee Raises (Knees above hips)
- Sit-Ups
- Wall Balls (Men = #15, 10’ / Ladies = #8, 9’)
- Deadlift (95/65, working weight)

Everyone should be capable of completing these common CrossFit movements:
- Air Squats
- Rowing
- Running
- Push Presses
- KB Swings
- Front Squats
- Thrusters
- Burpees
- Walking Lunges
- Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

The competition itself will be made up of 3 (or maybe 4???) different WOD's. Our coach will release one WOD at a time in advance of the competition so we can freak out mentally prepare ourselves.

I'm feeling pretty good with everything. Everything except one thing. Hanging knee raises. I can do them, but they rip the heck out of my hands. Badly. Very badly. I've been practicing good hand care, but at today's WOD we had to do 55 of them and I couldn't complete the last 19 because I was in so much pain. I did wall balls instead which is what my coach had me do the last time that I ripped badly.

But I'm pumped. I'm excited. I've re-vamped my diet and am now eating to perform with a custom plan developed by WBFF Bikini Competitor,  Theresa Depasqual. I have seen amazing gains at CrossFit in my strength, but I am still struggling to lose fat and as well as I've done on my own, I certainly don't know everything about nutrition!! Theresa does. And I'm counting on her to take my fitness to the next level. But I know in the end it's up to ME! Theresa can design the plan, can be there for me to talk to, and coach me, but I'm the one who has to be in control. As she said to me "Jenny, how bad do you want it??" I want it. BADLY. But what's IT? Your it will be different from my it. CrossFit has shown me that the sky is the limit. There are so many "ITS" that I want. This is just the beginning.

How bad do you want IT? Are you competitive? As an adult have you ever participated in an athletic competition (CrossFit, running, triathlon, etc.??)

Push Away the Screen: Deep Sea Fishing with Hubbard's Marina

Recently my family celebrated my husband's birthday. We took this opportunity to #pushawaythescreen and do something with the trio that we have been waiting YEARS to do. Take them deep sea fishing.

The sea is a very special place for both James and me. I grew up pretty much living on the Gulf of Mexico, spent my summers at Mote Marine Laboratory, went to college and earned a degree in Marine Biology, worked with Mote Marine Aquarium developing their educational curriculum, worked with top shark biologists on their boats collecting data, and the list just goes on and on. James and I both use the sea as a place to recharge our batteries. To feel connected with Mother Nature, and with each other. In fact, our first date was to the beach.

We've taken our trio fishing to the Skyway Pier and out in our backyard lake, and my Uncle Bobby has taken Ronin out on the bay in Venice, but we've never had the opportunity to take all 3 of them out, way out, fishing.

This is where Hubbard's Marina comes in. I contacted Hubbard's and inquired about fishing trip options. James originally wanted to take the kids for a 12 hour trip. Say what? I pretty much vetoed that, and Hubbard's agreed that for a first time trip, a 1/2 day option was probably our best bet! Not only that but they supplied all the tackle, rods, reel and bait! All we had to do was show up!

We scheduled our trip for a Saturday, leaving the dock at 1pm. Coming from a fishing background I was a bit hesitant that 1pm would be a good time to fish. It just gets so hot, for both the fish and the fishers! But I was assured that the fish would be biting, and that they had an AC galley if anyone needed to cool off!

Everyone was gathered in a waiting area where Ella and Ronin were picked to be the official helpers. They passed out arm bands Smile

We also went over some rules. Did you know that BANANAS are not allowed on fishing boats?? In all my years on boats, I had never heard the banana story before. And wouldn't you know it...I had bananas with me. And beer. And I wasn't allowed to bring my own beer on board either. That's seriously all I had in my cooler. Beer and bananas. Well, and water, grapes and Pringles, but I wasn't going to drag along a 30 gallon cooler just for water. So I took out the water, and rolled my cooler back to the truck.

We boarded the boat, and off we went! Ronin and I headed up stairs (where we were ALONE!!) while James and the girls remained downstairs with everyone else. Wink

Ronin and I had a good time upstairs on the 90 minute or so ride out. Who do you think was the first person to spot dolphins riding and playing in our wake? Yes, ME!

Those beautiful mammals kept us entertained for at least 5 minutes. But the fun was far from over!!

Ronin went and knocked on the captains door and asked if he could come in. Much to my surprise, and to Ronin's delight, the captain said YES!! And he also offered Ronin the opportunity to pilot the boat!

The girls also had their chance, and true to their form, they shared the piloting duties.

But that wasn't all!! Ronin asked if he could use the microphone to wish his daddy a Happy Birthday! Well, first he asked if he could say FREE SNACKS like he did on Jet Blue airlines, but we quickly nipped that idea in the bud! Tongue Out Ella and Ronin each got the opportunity to speak on the mic and they loved it!

The kids loved the ride out to the fishing grounds! Haley went to the front of the boat, put her hands up and yelled "I'm the Queen of this boat." She's such my daughter! Best part...she had NO IDEA I was behind her! Wink

We made it to our destination! We'd be drift fishing which meant we'd just go with the current. It was a very calm day, so we had to move locations a few times, but overall we did very well! Our family caught a total of 12 "keepers" and several that we had to throw back including 2 Red Groupers. I was so hoping for a grouper for dinner. Next time!

James caught the biggest and most unexpected catch of the day! A Spanish Mackerel!

I just love the genuine smiles on all their faces. It made me so happy to see them having so much fun!!

Ronin loved fishing, though the waiting for a fish to bite was difficult for him, but he made friends with the captain and the deck hands, and they made sure he was pretty much always reeling in a fish.



I managed to catch a few myself!

Our time off-shore ended too quickly and we began our trek back to the dock! It was late (past 7pm) by the time we got back to the dock and we were starving! Lucky for us, the Friendly Fisherman restaurant will cook your catch for you! So that's exactly what we did! We had our fish cleaned at the dock, then took them upstairs for dinner! It does not get any fresher than that!

Was there anything I didn't like about the trip? Only one thing. They allowed smoking on the boat. It really sucks when you can't escape from the smokers. That really bothered me and my family. It seemed that everywhere we moved, someone was lighting up a cigarette. Other than that, it was a GREAT day and I would go back in a heartbeat!

You can friend them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.

Have you ever heard of the bad luck banana??
Would you like to catch your own dinner?? What's your favorite type of fish to eat??

7SAR-Extreme Mud Run with Insane Obstacles

Mud runs, obstacle courses, and scaling obstacles are all the rage!! I do several of these types of races every year and they are always so much fun!!

A new race is coming on the scene! 7SAR (7 Summits Adventure Race) "simulates the experiences and challenges from the continent's highest summits into one single 7-mile obstacle course race, including an optional 3-mile course.  Competitors will attack multiple obstacles including Elbrus' barbed-wire crawl, Carstensz's Pyramid zipline flyover, and Everest's Khumbu Ice Fall's ladder."

Maybe you are wondering...can I do this type of race?? Yes, 7SAR is designed to be challenging but achievable for all athletic levels.  There are two options for you to chose from: A 7 mile adventure, or a 3 mile adventure.

With so many obstacle/mud races to choose from maybe you are wondering why 7SAR is different than the others??

"7SAR has several differentiators from other obstacle course races.  The real-world experience behind our founders will ensure your overall experience is unmatched.  Our adventure, designed by a world renowned mountaineer, brings you through 7 miles transformed into the different continents with corresponding obstacles, designed by a former US Navy SEAL BUD/S Instructor.  Expect intensity like you never imagined with ladder crevasse crossings, zip lines, foam blasters, multi-tiered obstacles and many more heart-racing challenges."

Spectators are FREE so you can bring your friends and family along to cheer you on while you tackle either all 7 summits, or 3 summits.

They are going to be setting up summits in 3 areas! Seattle, Central Florida, and Southern California.

And they donate $5 of your registration fee to the cause of your choice (you pick from charities listed on their page!)

Check out their website for more information!

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you 7SAR for gifting me with 2 registrations to participate in this event! I have already committed to a race this same day, so they've allowed me to re-gift these registrations. I have given them to two amazing athletes that workout at my CrossFit box: CrossFit En Fuego. They have created a team (CrossFit En Fuego), and are busy recruiting other people to join in on the adventure!

If you'd like to join in on the 7SAR fun, I have a discount code for you!! Use the code 7SARBLOG20 to save 20%

Have you ever participated in a mud/adventure run? Which one? Would you do it again??