Birthday Bucket List

42. I am going to be 42. How did this happen?? It has all gone by so fast.

I know I'm not the only one who wonders how this happened so quickly.

Comparing 42, to 32, or heck even 22, I'll take 42 ANY DAY! I am in such a better place in my life. I'm in better health, my kids are older and becoming more independent. I'm married to the same man I was at 32 (though a different man than when I was 22...confession, yes I've been married before.)

Since I'm new to the blogging world I've never published my bucket list before. I'm proud to be able to cross some items off this year!

1. Live on the beach with my husband and kids (I grew up on the beach and want to move back!!)

2. Start CrossFit

3. Visit my family in North Carolina

4. Travel to the Grand Canyon

5. Travel to NYC

6. Dive with Great White Sharks in South Africa (actually anywhere, but since this is a bucket list, I'll go with where the sharks are the biggest!!)

7. Do a Half-Ironman

8. Do a Full-Ironman

9. Run a 1/2 marathon

10. Run a full marathon

11. Attend Fit Bloggin' (this is new to my bucket list!!)

12. Travel to the Giant Redwoods

13. Publish a book (the traditional way, no self-published ebook)

14. Travel with my family to Europe (I've been alone twice, but want to go with kids!)

15. Do a triathlon Not only did I do one, I placed 2nd in my AG :)

16. Attend Comic Con International in California

17. Attend Comic Con in NYC

18. Get another tatoo

19. Start training Competition CrossFit

20. Participate in a CrossFit competition  DONE! Did it 10/12/13

21. Get certified in Spinning

22. Participate in a 12+ hour adventure/endurance challenge

23. Do an unassisted pull-up

24. Find a job where I can make as much money as my husband (seriously how frustrating is it that I have more advanced degrees than him, and he makes 4X what I can make....)

25. Take a Disney Cruise

26. Have a post/video go viral!!

27. SCUBA dive the Great Barrier Reef

28. SCUBA dive in Belize

29. Travel to Sweden with my husband (NO KIDS!!)

30. Take a vacation ALONE with my husband DONE!! We went to San Diego for a week in 2011!!

31. Get a dog DONE!! We adopted Matthew in January 2013

32. Take my kids apple picking

33. Be on a talk show DONE!! Multiple times!!

34. Be on a game show

35. Learn to play chess

36. Travel to Las Vegas

37. Be on the cover of a magazine (so close...made it in Woman's Day, but not the cover!!)

38. Go on a hot air balloon ride

39. Go white water rafting

40. Go to a Superbowl

41. Party at Burning Man

........and that's where I'll stop. 41 items for 41 years of life. I hope that I can look back next year and cross off some of these bucket list items!!

What's on your bucket list??



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School starts in my area in only 2 weeks!!

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Music Monday: Through My Eyes

My amazing 7 year old son is Autistic. As he's gotten older some of his "quirks" have gotten "quirker." I am often his voice as he can't explain how he is feeling or thinking. Sunday we went to a sold-out Rays baseball game. It was loud, very loud. It was crowded, very crowded with over 30,000 people in attendance. Fans screaming, cowbells ringing; it was sensory overload for my au-some little dude. There was no place for him to escape from the noise. After he tucked himself in to a modified fetal position I knew it was time to go.

It's so hard for people to understand what he must go through. I'll NEVER forget when he was 4 years old and he told me "mama, my brain feels like it's on fire." It was at that moment that I understood that when he's going through sensory overload he's in PAIN! I do every thing I can to try to avoid situations that might be painful for him. We've been to Rays games before and haven't had an issue, but we've never been to a sold-out game, and I didn't even know it was sold-out until we arrived. Had I known in advance I would not have taken him.  I'm sorry for that little buddy. Cry
For Ronin and all children (and adults) who live with Autism, I play for you today "Through My Eyes" by Scott James.
See the world through my eyes
It changes shape and it changes size
It's not quite the world you see
If you could find a way to look around inside my mind
Maybe you would understand me
I'm not blind, but I can't always see
I'm not deaf, but things can sound strange to me
I'm not trapped, but it's hard to feel free
Imagine what it's like to be me
Imagine what it's like to be me
It's hard for me to try to think things through or talk like you
Everything can be a blur sometimes
But if you walk along beside me, hold my hand and guide me
Together any mountain we can climb
I'm dreaming of my future and it's brighter than you know
I'll get there on a different road when I am ready to go
I don't need pity, I don't need tears
I just need someone to help me understand my fears
Tell me you believe in me, let me know that i'm OK
Help me feel safe in the world, and I will find my way
Imagine what it's like
Imagine seeing the world Through My Eyes

I love you, Ronin! XOXO

As an adult how do YOU handle sensory overload?