Keeping your Dog Light and Healthy

I run with my dog. I walk with my dog. I play fetch with my dog. My kids chase him through the backyard multiple times per day. But even all that physical activity couldn't keep Matthew from putting on a few pounds during his first few months with us. I did with him what I did with myself. Every time we fed him something, I wrote it down. And I found out that we were feeding him a LOT of snacks. And I was using snacks as a reward during dog training, too. I tried to buy healthy snacks like sweet potato dog treats, but my husband ate one (on accident!!) and they were expensive. A friend suggested using carrots and I admit, I had never thought of feeding Matthew fruits and veggies. Internet research led me to this great informative easy to print and share with the kids, chart:


We started feeding Matthew treats off this chart, and I was contacted by Purina about having Matthew try their new Light and Healthy brand dog food.

The change in Matthew's diet was immediate. He slimmed out in no-time at all. He had gained 20 pounds in his first 3 months with us. Surprised But he's a big boned dog and can carry it well. Wink

This was Matthew (and Ronin!) in April.

Matthew (and Ronin!!) in July after a 3 1/4 mile walk!

The change might be subtle but I can see it!!

Purina also sent us a pedometer so we could track Matthew's steps!! 6,735 Steps=3.26 miles


Like with any dietary changes, your gut might react differently, and your dog is no different! He might have gas, or other side effects. In my dog those usually pass within 2-3 days.

Do you feed your dog healthy snacks?? What are some of your pup's favorite healthy treats??

Random Friday Thoughts and a Vlog: Surfers for Autism

My son has autism. He's an amazing little dude, full of laughter, and fun. But his moods can change quickly. As we navigate as a family through the ups and downs of the autistic world, we've met some pretty incredible people who have put us in contact with some pretty amazing organizations.

On Saturday July 13th our family will participate in the Surfers for Autism event held locally in Treasure Island.

I'm pretty excited by the upcoming event, though you can't really tell by this vlog. I'm pretty tired after an amazing 4th of July!!

I started off the morning of the 4th with a "Living in America" WOD at CrossFit En Fuego. Our warm-up consisted of the James Brown song "Living in America." And every time you heard America, you did a burpee, and for every James Brown infamous UHHHH (you know the sound I'm talking about..) you did 3 jumping jacks! We were nice and warm by the time the WOD started! Below is the group that showed up for the 9am WOD. Pretty impressive!! If you look close enough you'll see a red arrow pointing at me. I wore blue and had an American flag hair clip in my side bangs.

And spent the afternoon/evening with my CrossFit buds at a party. James and the kids came and we all had a good time.

Today turned in to an unexpected, but MANDATORY rest day!! My body just couldn't take any more. James and I went to the movies and saw World War Z. It was GREAT! I loved it! We also cooked a bunch of food, took naps, and took the dog for a walk. I honestly can't remember the last time I've had such a LAZY day. It was nice, but I'm ready to get back to it tomorrow!!


Have you ever heard of Surfers with Autism? Do you know anyone with Autism? Do you know of any other organizations I should check out??

How was your 4th of July??

Orlando: Food and Wine Conference 2013

The 2013 Food and Wine Conference is coming up and I'm going to be there!!

Join me from July 19-21, 2013 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando. The event is being organized by my friend, Isabel Foodie who is a local Tampa Bay blogger and writes at Family Foodie.

Who should attend?? Bloggers, publishers, brands, authors, small business owners, and others are all welcome at this event. You don't have to be a "foodie" to attend the Food and Wine Conference!!

What am I hoping to learn from attending?? I'm hoping to hone my SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing and social media skills. I've also gotten a TON of requests to publish my own cookbook, and they are going to have sessions on how to publish a cookbook, working with PR agencies, food photography, and so much more.

I'd love to see you there!

You can save $50 on your registration by using the code METAMORFIT.

 Check out the Food and Wine Conference on Facebook:

Follow the Food and Wine Conference on Twitter: @foodandwineconf

Are you already planning on attending the Food and Wine Conference 2013? Have you ever attended a conference before? Which one? Did you like it??