Workout Wednesday

by jennifer24. July 2013 18:03
The Iron Girl Triathlon is just a hair over 2 months away. I'm doing really well on the bike, my run is improving, and today I got in my first "real" swim of the summer. 


Push Away the Screen: Airheads Trampoline Arena- Giveaway

by jennifer23. July 2013 17:47
I am so excited to be able to offer to my readers the opportunity to win an Airheads Trampoline Bouncing Party for 5 bouncers!! This is a great place for you to push away the screen, and get active with your kids. The trio and I have been a few times, and we always have such a good time!!  For those of you who don't want to bounce with your gang, they also offer an area to sit and free wi-fi (but that's defeating the whole point of pushing away the screen isn't it??!!) a Rafflecopter give... [More]

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Push Away the Screen: Florida Museum of Natural History

by jennifer23. July 2013 16:35
Last weekend my family pushed away the screen by visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. We seem to be on an every other year schedule and the museum has changed since our last visit in 2010 (so maybe more like every 3 years ) Like other museums around the country, FMNH has traveling exhibits. This summer they were featuring TITANOBOA-Monster Snake! Ella is a huge snake lover, so when she asked to visit for her birthday, we happily obliged! Titanoboa is the largest snake ... [More]

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