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by jennifer31. July 2013 14:43

Having a prepaid Visa card can be a great idea for the traveling family. You can select a card that best fits your personality, choose the amount you'd like to put on the card, check out and they'll send the card to you!

And it's a card that you can reuse! You can have your employer send your payment via direct deposit to the card. So it is not just a fun, fashionable card it is a complete online banking alternative. Your funds are insured 100% with the FDIC. You can even transfer money from card to card and shop online, around the world and use ATM’s, just like you would with your regular bank debit card. Some other benefits that come with your card includes:

  • No overdraft, late or penalty fees
  • No minimum balance
  • Access to ATMs worldwide
  • Free direct deposit

The card that I chose to best describe my life right now was the Autism Awareness card. My son is high functioning and autism impacts our life every single day.

It affects 1 in 88 children (1 in 54 diagnosed are boys, and 1 in 252 are girls). It is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. Yet autism only receives less than 5% of the research money that many less common childhood diseases are allocated.

As hard as the facts are to read, those living with autism are plagued by stereotypes and a lack of understanding that makes mainstreaming even more challenging. You can take action by donating your time or money to numerous causes or outreach organizations. You can spread the word virally through grassroots outreach. And you can carry the prepaid debit card that spurs reaction and gets other people involved, too: The Autism Awareness Debit Visa card.

What card would you choose?


Disclosure: I was offered one of the products mentioned above to facilitate this review. All opinions above are 100% my own.

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We are a super active outdoor family. Having lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida for most of my life (I moved here in 1985) I have spent countless hours slathered in baby oil, tanning my skin at the pool, and the beach. I enjoy all the activities that help me to achieve a sun-kissed look, and now that I'm nearly 42, I have learned my lesson and I do wear a dark tanning oil sunscreen SPF15.   My kids inherited not only my skin tone, but also my love for all things active in the water!! &nb... [More]

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Every summer there seems to be ONE song that becomes my "song of summer."  My trio also seem to pick the same summer songs that I do, and we enjoy jamming out to them at home, in the car, on our bike rides. We turn it up, we sing loudly, and shake our groove thing!This is our Song of Summer for 2013   This was our Song of Summer 2012   This was our Song of Summer for 2011 This was our Song of Summer for 2010   And kicking it back to the Song of Summer for 1996!... [More]

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