Track Thursday: What's Beautiful? Speed Work at CrossFit En Fuego

As part of the Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign, I made the goal that I would PR at the Iron Girl Triathlon in September. I can swim like a fish, and cycle like the wind, but the run, oh the run! I am not a fast runner to begin with, and then throw me on the course after the bike, and I feel like I'm running with 100lb sandbags tied to my ankles. If you'd like to experience an Iron Girl event I have a discount code for you! Use the code IGCJHB13 for $10.00 off ANY Iron Girl in the United States. It doesn't have to be the Clermont Triathlon. It can be a 1/2 marathon in your city. Smile

My box, CrossFit En Fuego offers a lot of opportunities for athletes to become better, stronger, faster. They offer a Premier CrossFit class which is like working out with your very own personal trainer for 1/4 of the cost of a normal personal training session!

Monthly, they offer an Olympic lifting class so you can improve your technique. June's class is already in the bag, but I'll be sure to let you know when July's class is coming! The class is FREE for En Fuego members, and non-members can attend and pay $75 for the series of classes.


But what I'm here to really talk to you about today is the En Fuego RUNNING CLINIC!! They offer the clinic on Saturday mornings at 8am FREE to members, but Saturday is hard for me to get up and get motivated to be somewhere by 8am. 9am I can handle, but 8am is just, I don't know...HARD!

They also had it on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30pm, but summer in Florida means that it's generally either raining or about to rain at 4:30pm, so they have had to move the class.

It was planned for Thursday morning at 7:30am. This time worked PERFECTLY for my schedule. I'm up, my kids are up, I can ride my bike to the track, and still make it back in time for my 9am WOD, all those good things. It was all lined up in my favor. And I had NO excuse. And I made it today. I'm proud to say I did it!!

We spent the first 30 minutes stretching and practicing form and technique. And then we did sprint drills. They pretty much sucked. No sugar coating it. But it's supposed to suck. If it doesn't suck you aren't doing it right.

We did 3X400m sprints with a recovery time between each one.

1.)  0.25 miles

Time 2:27

 2.)  0.25 miles

Time 2:25

3.)  0.25 miles

Time 2:24

Average: 2:25.3

If I can maintain that pace, I will be able to run a 9:03 minute mile. That would be freaking awesome. Like seriously. Running a 5K under 30 minutes is a HUGE goal of mine!

I loved the running clinic. Seriously. Having Coach Sarah to push me, motivate me, inspire me (she ran with us, and man she is like a CHEETAH!) gave me the confidence that I can do this! I can break through this running plateau. here's the kicker for me. Apparently 7:30am is not good for most people, so the class is being moved to 6pm on Tuesday nights starting June 18th. This is a super hard time for me. Kids, husband, dinner, etc, etc, etc...there are going to be a lot of excuses why I CAN'T do it rather than why I CAN. I really hope that I can make it work!

Tell me how you became a better, faster runner? Did you use a running coach? Join a team? Run with a faster more experienced friend?

Push Away the Screen: Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens

We are HUGE fans of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and were invited to a media preview of a new ride reveal!!  We were surprised when it was announced that the new ride was in fact a HUGE FREE FALL DROP!! Falcon's Fury is set to open in the Spring of 2014 (though I heard May mentioned several times during the presentation!!)

Falcon's Fury will be the TALLEST freestanding drop tower in ALL of NORTH AMERICA!!

Falcon’s Fury will stand at 335 feet and take riders soaring 60 mph straight down. Located in the Timbuktu™ area, Falcon’s Fury will be visible from any location in the park and even across the Tampa Bay area. 

At the ride’s highest point Busch Gardens has added an element of surprise.  Like its bird of prey namesake, riders will pivot 90 degrees in midair to a face-down dive position. An instant later they'll plunge 60 mph at 3.5 Gs straight down with speed and power like they’ve likely never experienced before.

Watch this You Tube video to see what it's all about!

 Ella was interviewed by Bay News 9 where they asked her what she thought of the upcoming ride. She used some pretty expressive vocabulary. I was impressed! Her interview has been airing all evening, but we don't subscribe to Brighthouse and it's not available online Cry

I was also interviewed by our local CBS affiliate News Channel 10 and that aired tonight during the 5:30pm broadcast.


The trio and I headed over to Timbuktu to try to find out where the new ride would be located and we were both disappointed and excited to see that one of our favorites "The Sand Storm" was no longer!! We could see heavy construction machinery moving around behind the walls!

We decided to hop on the Scorpion to see if we could get a better look, and boy could we ever!! The Sand Storm was gone, as were the kiddy airplanes, motorcycles, and kiddy train! Thank goodness my gang have all gotten too big for those rides!!

You have to be 54" tall to ride on Falcon's Fury and my gang are all measuring 52" right now (yes, they are all the same height Wink) so with some luck they'll grow 2 inches this year and be ready for the most amazing ride Busch Gardens has released since Cheetah Hunt (which is our current favorite!!)

Busch Gardens is such a great place to be outside and active with your family! Plenty of places to seek shelter from the weather, and rides for all ages. Be sure to check them out if you come to Florida!!

Do you like Free Fall drop rides?? Would you attempt Falcon's Fury??

Music Monday: Carolina In My Mind

As our family prepares to take our summer vacation there is only one song I can think of: Carolina in my Mind by James Taylor.

We're heading to the mountains of Hendersonville and Asheville, North Carolina. We'll be staying with my aunt for a few days where we will explore Sliding Rock, go gem mining, and hike.  Then we were invited to a VIP treatment at the Biltmore Inn. We are super excited! Over 22 miles of trails on the Biltmore property! They will provide us with bikes to explore the property as well as access to all the gardens, a Winerty tour and wine tasting!! They also have horseback riding and kayaking! It's a perfect vacation for an active family like ours! We'll have lots of opportunities to PUSH AWAY THE SCREEN!! We'll also be making a pit-stop to meet up with my peeps at Feetures!

After we leave the mountains we are driving south to South Carolina for 2 days. My husband lived in SC for 12 years and has some family there, so we are arranging a meet-up at a state park. I am really looking forward to this vacation! I'm even looking forward to the DRIVE! I love to drive, so I've agreed to drive the ENTIRE trip, as long as it's light outside, I'll be behind the wheel. I don't drive well in the dark.


Have you ever been to Asheville? Ever stayed at the Biltmore Inn?? Any activities we MUST do??
Do you like road trips??