Hearing is Believing-A vlog review of Koss Stereophones

I had the opportunity to try out two different pair of Koss Stereophones. I decided to do my review in a Vlog format :)

What type of headphones do you wear when you workout? Do you have funky ear holes (is that even a word??) like I do and have trouble finding earbuds that fit?!?

Koss is also having a $5 off code (which is also good for FREE shipping) Just go to http://www.koss.com and use the code Fit4Life.

The ones that I really liked are called "Fit Clip."

 I liked these a lot!!


This Saturday my husband and I will head down to experience Tampa's FIRST Margarita Festival!!

I love margarita's. My husband loves margarita's. My mom is coming up to stay with the children. We're getting a hotel room somewhere downtown. We're planning on having a good adult time. In honor of that, today I am playing Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. This is Jimmy's first time on the Tonight Show back in 1981.

Having spent an extended period of time in the original Margaritaville with my favorite red head (hi Nina!!) back in the mid-1990's, I know a thing or two about stepping on pop top's, getting tattoos, though I never woke up with a Mexican cutie. But on Sunday I'll be waking up with a Swedish cutie. And there won't be any kids around. Wink

Why I Blog-Come to Jesus Friday

When I decided to resign from my full-time job in November 2012 to begin my blogging adventure, I had no idea what to expect. I knew why I was doing it, but I didn't realize what an impact I would have on so many thousands of people.

In today's CTJ I talk a little bit about that. I'm also honored to announce that I've been featured in a list of 100 Motivational/Inspirational Facebook pages by Women's Races. I'm so humbled. And THAT is why I blog.

If you are a blogger, and/or have a Facebook "Fan" page, why do you do it??