Push Away the Screen-Obstacle Course Fun!!

Pushing Away the Screen is also something that I have to work on with my husband. He's a computer guru; literally. He hold a certification that only a handful of people have in the United States. He works hard, and his back suffers from the long hours he spends on his bum. He rides his bike about 50 miles per week, but I do enjoy the time that we can spend together as a COUPLE getting out and being active.

My husband (I guess this is turning into a BRAG post) is also wicked smart! Like seriously smart. Scary smart. And strong.

When I was contacted by Xtreme Obstacle Challenge to participate in their NEW race I said yes, but then after looking over the obstacles (which aren't mud related, which is sort of thing Wink) I freaked out a bit. From their website:

"Test your strength, agility and quick-thinking with a colossal show of extreme obstacles spread over a three mile course. The high-energy start catapults every participant into the specially designed obstacle course, making for loads of Xtreme fun. The dynamic and elevated finish line celebrates your quest to the finish.

The experience is designed to be not only fun, but a true test of your determination and strategy."

WHAT?? Strategy? You mean I just can't hurl my body through some mud?  I knew then that in order to be successful at this race I was going to need the smartest, strongest person I know: MY HUSBAND!! I asked if he could come along and race with me, they said YES, so guess what...WE'RE DOING IT!! And I'm pretty sure we are bringing the kids. Kids under 14 can't race, but the course is spectator friendly (and FREE for spectators!!) and for most of the race the trio will be able to see us, and there is NOTHING BETTER than having the kids cheer you on while you are making a complete fool of yourself flexing your muscles.

Would you like to join us?? I have ONE FREE ENTRY to give to one lucky reader!! You do have to pay a $12 insurance waiver fee thingy, but still a bargain compared to the overall cost of the race.

If you'd like to go, simply comment on this blog post with what obstacle looks to be the most FUN FOR YOU!! For me...I am looking forward to MAZED & CONFUSED!!

I also have a discount code to share with you all! If you register by MAY 30th, use the code XTR10KW to save $10 off your registration.  The race takes place on June 29th, and it's on the grounds of Fantasy of Flight just east of Lakeland.

I have to pick a winner SOON because the free code for you also expires on May 30th! I'll pick the winner on May 28th, so that gives you two days to make sure you can go, etc...

Hope to see you there!!

I'll have a full review and pictures up after the race!!

Have you ever done an OBSTACLE race that DIDN'T involve mud???

Get Fit Giveaway!!

I am so excited to be able to bring to you all some of my favorite brands together in ONE GIANT GIVEAWAY!!

One thing you guys should know about me by now is that I only give away products that I use and LOVE. Everything that I give to my readers has to be something that I would either eat myself, use myself, or give to my family.

Without further a-do, here is the list of brands that are participating!!

Allied Medal Display

I received a medal display for my kids. It's very well made, heavy and sturdy and big enough that they can all share it! They LOVE it!! And EVERYONE needs a place to hang their bling.

Bondi Band

I can't say enough good things about Bondi Band. My friend Raffi over at Digital Running introduced me to them in February and now I wear nothing else!! They keep the hair back, the sweat out of my eyes, they are light weight, super cute and fashionable, and in the cold months, I can pull them down over my ears. Love my Bondi Bands!

Cacao7 Low Carb Chocolates

Oh Yum!! If we have chocolate in our house it has to be a high quality DARK chocolate. These low carb dark chocolates fit the bill perfectly!! OMG, they were so good. And dark. 3 pieces is a serving size, and they are 70% cocoa, so really you probably can't handle more than 3 because it is a bitter chocolate when it's that high of a % but if satisfies the sweet craving and hits the spot! So good!

Energy Bits

I received one tin of bits to try out. The one tin lasted me two days. I did feel some extra surges of energy, so they would probably be great for a pre-workout fuel, or to get out of an afternoon slump!


You all know I LOVE my Feetures! I have all different colors and styles, and they are all awesome! They hug my foot so snugly, and I never have to worry about blisters or the toes bunching up! Love them!


This was a new product to me and I LOVED it!! It fits snuggly around my hips and with 2 zipper pockets, one in the front and one in the back, I was able to go out with the puppy and the kids HANDS FREE!! My phone fit in one pocket and my lip gloss, and Simply Snackin' goodies for the trio fit in the other pocket! I love my FitFannyPack and I know you will too!!


What can I say about Polar? They changed my life. They are providing a Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4 as well as a drawstring bag, a shirt, a hat, a water bottle, stickers and tattoos.

PRO Compression Socks

Wow. These socks were awesome. I've been doing a lot of rowing, and my calves have been tight and I've been coming home from CrossFit and putting these on as I do more chores around the house. They've been working great to relieve the soreness in my calf muscles. I can't wait to actually try them on a run!

Road ID

LOVE my Road ID. My husband is very protective of me and worries when I head out cycling or running. Wearing my Road ID gives him a piece of mind that if something should happen to me, a good samaritan would be able to contact him. I am also thinking about getting a set of these for my trio. Now that they are racing on their own (though I am IN the same race, they are at a different pace than me, so we get separated) this would be a great way for someone to be able to contact me if the kids for whatever reason couldn't connect with me at the finish line, or if they experienced cramps, etc., along the race course. Also great for amusement parks!!

Shower Pill

I keep these in my car.  After CrossFit I can be quite stinky LOL but that doesn't mean I am done with my outings! I might have to run to the store, so I rip open a shower pill and clean up the best that I can. They work great!

Simply Snackin

Oh my. What can I say about Simply Snackin? SUCH GOOD JERKY!! Seriously good. Wholesome ingredients, low calorie, high protein. Awesome. I took some paddleboarding and it was a great snack for the trio! They also love it as an after school snack. Seriously good stuff, guys!!

This is going to be a Rafflecopter Giveaway!! Easy to enter and only ONE PERSON IS GOING TO WIN!! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Push Away the Screen-Richard Petty Driving Experience

My kids had an amazing opportunity to Push Away the Screen and be involved with the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World by participating in a Junior Ride Along experience!! They got to sit shotgun in a real NASCAR and go over 120MPH!!

We started our adventure with a tour of the garage where they keep the exotic cars! They even started two of them up and "roared" the engines. Ronin L.O.V.E.D this part and asked for them to do it again and again. It surprised me that he liked this so much. It was quite loud, and he's normally quite sensitive to loud, unexpected noises. But not this.We listened to a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.

My kids throughly enjoyed themselves, and James and I had a blast watching them! They were so excited. Ronin couldn't wait to get in the car. He wanted to be first, and while he wasn't the first participant chosen from our group, he was the first of our family to go! Part of the experience is that they provide you with a flash drive that has an IN CAR video experience of your child while they are riding!! So AWESOME!!

Ronin was so anxious to go, but once he got in the car, he froze up a little bit. I was expecting a bit more enthusiasm from him when I watched his video.

 Here he is coming off the track. I think you tell by his face that he really enjoyed it!

Next up was Ella. She was pretty quiet, but had a perma-smile on her face the entire morning.

Ella came off the track, quiet yet excited for her big sister Haley to go! What really surprised me was when I watched Ella's video!! She was the most animated off all my children. Watching her video made me smile from ear to ear and had me longing to be a kid again! You can hear Haley holler "Have Fun" to her sister as she gets in to the car.

And last up was Haley. She was more than anxious after having watched her siblings go before her. Haley is getting to that age where she is not wanting me to post unflattering photos of her online, so out of respect for her, I won't post how she looked in her helmet. But I'll describe it! She looked like a chipmunk! Tongue Out The helmet is supposed to be tight around the neck/face and in Haley's case it was so tight that it squeezed her cheeks in towards her nose. It was adorable. Here she is just coming off the track!

 And here is her ride video! She is so blase! But as soon as they get in to the pit stop she says deadpan "again." And when the pit stop boss asked her what she thought, she just looked at him and said "again." She loved it.

In addition to the in car video, they also gave us an 8X10 photo of each of the kids in the car.

What did my kids have to say about the whole experience? I asked for them to each give me one word to describe how they felt, and this is what they said. Ella gave me more than one word.  Tongue Out

  • Awesome
  • Powerful
  • Explosive
  • Terrific


What is the Junior Ride-Along experience all about?

RPDE’s “Junior Ride-Alongs” program will provide children, who are 6-13 years of age and at least 48 inches in height, the opportunity to experience real-life racing excitement while they ride shotgun with a professional driving instructor for three thrilling laps in a specially equipped two-seat NASCAR race car.  “Junior Ride-Alongs” are possible as a result of RPDE’s partnership with The Joie of Seating, a premier fabricator of custom-fitted aluminum racing seats owned and operated by two-time NASCAR Nationwide series champion Randy LaJoie. The North Carolina-based company built custom racing seats for this program, specifically designed to ensure the safety and security of smaller bodies. These full containment racing seats feature built-in shoulder and head protection and a five-point safety harness that is the same design used by NASCAR drivers. Located just outside the Magic Kingdom property, RPDE’s Disney location has been known as a high-speed attraction for adults for more than a decade, providing thousands of moms and dads the thrill of a lifetime. Now with “Junior Ride-Alongs” available, NASCAR racing can become a family affair at Disney. (You follow the signs for Magic Kingdom, tell the parking attendant that you are heading to the Richard Petty driving experience, and parking is FREE)  “Junior Ride-Alongs” with Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World® Speedway are $59. No reservations are required.

They are also hosting a drawing contest until May 31st.

To celebrate the expansion of the Junior Ride-Along program, RPDE’s contest invites children ages 6 to 13 (and at least 48 inches tall) to submit a hand-drawn picture of legendary Richard Petty, 'The King' of NASCAR racing, for a chance to win a “Junior Ride-Along” party for 10 Junior Riders.  Selected by a panel of RPDE judges and ‘The King’ himself, the winning drawing will be used to wrap the hood of the new “Junior Ride-Along” cars*.  To enter, visit DrivePetty.com/draw-the-king and download the hood template and submit their drawing by May 31. The winner will be announced June 14.


I am so jealous that my kids got to do this, and I asked my husband to consider this for MY birthday present!

Have you ever been to the Richard Petty Driving Experience? How fast did you drive??