Under Armour: What’s Beautiful

My participation in Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful competition as a Fitfluential Ambassador has become more than a campaign. It has become the inspiration and motivation to push harder, run, swim and, bike further and believe that I WILL!

When FitFluential and Under Armour notified me that I had been selected for this campaign, my first step was to declare a goal. I thought about it. Should it be a CrossFit goal? A running goal? What? And then it hit me! I needed to set my goal to be a Personal Record (PR) for the Iron Girl triathlon in September. Throughout this year I have been letting my kids race with me, and they've been setting their own PR's while mine have taken a back seat. That's all fine and dandy, but my kids can't do Iron Girl, so I need to let this race be about ME!

You can sign up as an individual or join teams on the What's Beautiful website. Their goal is to redefine the female athlete, and she doesn't have to have a  perfect body, run 6 minute miles, or train all day long. She can be a 42 year old mom, with 3 kids, and stretch marks. Tongue Out  And you know what...That is WHAT'S BEAUTIFUL!!

Throughout the campaign there are different challenges that you can take. I've completed a few of them, but there are a LOT of challenges! Always something to strive towards!


Under Armour told me that they would be sending me clothing to train in, and I was so excited! Secretly I was hoping that whatever they would send me would be PINK but honestly I was just thrilled to be receiving anything at all! I don't own a single piece of Under Armour gear and have heard rave reviews about it. I was sitting on pins and needles anxiously awaiting and my then my box arrived!!

And it was PINK!! And you know how I feel about pink!!

This campaign doesn't require you to workout in Under Armour gear. Not even close. But it does require you to be committed to YOU!! And by training in PINK, my color of HOPE, it gives me the POWER to know that I WILL PR at Iron Girl. And that is What's Beautiful.

Disney on Ice Rockin' Ever After

We had the opportunity to experience our first ever Disney show at the St. Pete Times Forum on May 17th. We were invited to watch the newest Disney ice show: Rockin' Ever After.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, this was our first EVER Disney show. We were all very excited. When we arrived at the Forum we immediately noticed a lot of very little girls dressed up as their favorite Disney princesses. My 9yo looked at me and rolled her eyes "mom, I am not a baby."

Push Away the Screen-Experience Madagascar

Our family loves Busch Gardens. We are annual pass holders and we go to the park quite often. When the kids and I were invited to "Media Day" to preview the new show Madagascar LIVE Operation Vacation, we jumped at the chance! This meant that the trio even got to play hooky from school.

We were instructed to enter Busch Gardens through the employee entrance which took us right under the massive roller coaster Shiekra!! My gang is not yet tall enough for this ride, but they love to watch it "swoosh" through, so getting so close was a real treat!

 We walked up a green paw printed carpet and were each given a lovely drawstring Busch Gardens bag (with their new logo!!) and inside the bag we each had a t-shirt, a Madagascar notepad and pen. We hobnobbed with other media locals; fellow bloggers, reporters, and TV Personalities.

We were escorted through the park (before it was even open!!) to the newly renovated AIR-CONDITIONED Stanleyville Theater. My kids are always asking me to see the shows, but I always balk at the idea of being "trapped" with three little kids alone in a theater. What if someone has to pee? Do I leave and take all 3? Do I just take one and leave the other two behind? This experience forced me outside MY comfort zone and allowed my gang to experience something that they have been begging for!

We had a quick meet/greet with King Julien and went back to our seats to await the start of the show!

The show started off with a bang and my little dude got a bit freaked out. It was quite loud, and he doesn't do so well with loud unexpected noises, but that ended quickly and the familiar characters from Madagascar came out singing and dancing!

Photo by Busch Gardens

It was a very "boy-bandish" type of show. Very poppy, very catchy. Reminded me a bit of the Spice Girls meets New Direction. And I loved it. And more importantly, my kids loved it. We never got bored, and we never had to make a trip to the bathroom.


The show ended with bubbles falling from the sky. This totally made Ronin's day. He loves bubbles and he was laughing and giggling as they fell around him. 

After the show was over, we spent the rest of the day riding the water rides with our friends.

The kids went on the log flume, the Congo River Rapids (twice!!) and the Tidal Wave (3 or 4 times!!) plus they played in the water area at Jungala! It was a fantastic day, and just a precursor to all the fun we have planned for summer vacation!!

Photo by Denise of RunDMT


For information about Busch Gardens Tampa and its newest show, Madagascar Live! Operation Vacation, visit online for showtimes, tickets and hours of operations. Guest can also experience “The Royal Treatment with King Julien”, an exclusive dining experience now available, featuring lunch at Zambia Smokehouse, reserved show seating, and priority at the end-of-show meet and greet with the characters.