Meal Planning: Whole30 Week 1

Tomorrow I start the Whole30 program. It's based on the book It Starts With Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. I downloaded the Nook book for my ipad and have been a reading fool. Very interesting information, and it makes total sense! In a nutshell you basically do a 30 day re-set. Eliminate ALL Sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes and dairy for 30 days. You eat real food; meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, healthy oils nuts and seeds. Foods that are nutrient-dense.

I'm excited to start tomorrow and have already learned a few things.

  1. I can NOT have nuts on this plan. Yes, technically you are ALLOWED nuts on the plan, but I can't have them. I have issues with portion control when it comes to nuts, so it's best to just not have them around.
  2. PLAN PLAN PLAN. I am such a planner, but have been slacking in the food planning department lately. Maybe slacking isn't a good word. L.A.Z.Y. is a better word. Undecided  I spent a great deal of time yesterday planning out our dinners for this week, and then shopping for the ingredients.
  3. Going along with food planning, is food prep. I will spend some time today cooking, dicing, and just generally being PRODUCTIVE with my time.
  4. Being a creature of habit when it comes to MY meals, I will likely have the SAME thing for breakfast and lunch this week. Breakfast will be this amazing sweet potato hash I made this morning, with 2 hard-boiled eggs...maybe 3, I have to check my palm size, and some avocado slices. Lunch will be a mixed green salad with protein and avocado for my healthy fat.


Without further ado, here is our dinner plan for the week: And yes I said OUR. My children will be eating this too.

Monday- Paleo Avocado Tuna Salad

Tuesday-Guacamole Burger

Wednesday-Sun dried tomato basil meatballs

Thursday- Garlic Shrimp

Friday-Mustard Crusted Salmon

I've created a Pinterest board here and will continue to add meals throughout the 30 days.

I'm ready for this challenge, and looking forward to the support from my group at CrossFit En Fuego.


Have you ever done the Whole30 challenge?? What was your experience? Do you meal plan??

Playing Catch-up on a Rainy Training Thursday

Today should have been my "training Thursday" post, recapping all I learned in training my autism service dog. But it's raining and our lesson was planned for outside at a retail shopping complex. We've postponed until tomorrow, but rain is in the forecast tomorrow as well so it's all just up in the air Undecided

Matthew is doing really well with his commands. We went on a 3 1/2 mile run this morning and he followed every command, every gradual leash tightening as we slowed down at the crosswalks where he promptly sat, looked both ways, then looked up at me with those big brown eyes, waiting for me to release him from the sit.

We also recently (on Easter Sunday) taught him how to swim. The trio and I took him to the dog beach last Friday during Spring Break, and while he loved the sand, and splashing/retrieving sticks in the shallow water, he was not at all fond of getting in water where he had to actually swim. He did not like that at all. I mentioned that to James (the husband) and Sunday afternoon after our Brooker Creek adventure, James and the kids decided it was time to teach Matthew to swim. Much to my dismay they decided to do it in our lake. He started off slowly, but within 15 minutes he was swimming!! Retrieving floating mulch the kids were throwing out for him. I am not of fan of him swimming in the lake for obvious reasons:

  • we have one small alligator about 3 feet long that visits occasionally
  • it makes him smell
  • we have one small alligator about 3 feet long that visits occasionally
  • it makes him smells
  • did I mention the alligator?
  • did I mention the smell?

We'll try the whole swimming dog thing at the beach where we only have to worry about sharks, stingrays and other creatures that I am much more comfortable with. Tongue Out


The kids went back to school on Tuesday. It was weird and VERY quite not having them around. They sure keep me on my toes. I did my "normal" CrossFit workout, worked with the pup , took the kids to football/cheerleading and stayed up too late.

Wednesday we had a nice surprise arrive in the mail!

The trio take yogurt in their lunchbox every single day (Simply Gogurt), and I couldn't wait for them to get home to try the Chobani Champions!! This is the FIRST Greek yogurt made just FOR KIDS!! No added sugars, nothing artificial, gluten free, and all good for you!!

They all agreed that they wanted to try the blueberry first! Ella is my yogurt expert so I was really curious what she would think about GREEK yogurt. Her current favorite is Organic Stonyfield Vanilla (whole milk) and she has that every night as her bedtime snack.

 She loved it and thought it was really good, though the flavor was stronger than she was expecting.

Next they decided that they wanted to try the cherry!

And they all agreed that the cherry was better than the blueberry!


They would have eaten ALL of the blueberry and cherry if I had allowed it, but I wanted them to save some for their lunch boxes! And I love the tubes because I can freeze them and then by the time the kids eat lunch they are defrosted but it acts as a little icepack in their lunch boxes! One more quick thing...each Chobani tube has a picture riddle for the kids to figure out. My trio loved trying to figure those out!

You can follow Chobani on social media, too!

·           Twitter: @Champions

·           Instagram: @ChobaniChampions

·           Facebook: Chobani Champions

 Chobani has been kind enough to offer one lucky reader a CASE of of Champion Tubes!!

What do you have to do to win??

Watch Ronin's Commercial on YouTube (and if you'd leave him a comment on that video page, I'm sure he'd just love it!!) and leave a comment on this post about which flavor you think your child would love the most; blueberry, cherry, strawberry, or strawberry banana. And that's it!! I'll have Ronin pick a random winner on April 11th.


**Disclaimer** Chobani provided me with a case of Champions for my kids to honestly review. They were not forced to say anything that wasn't genuine.