CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 7

Going to my box never gets boring. These are just my workouts from this week:




And I'm not showing you the warm-up which is often running, and weights. After the workout I've been rowing 2000 meters to help prepare me for triathlon season. The pool isn't warm enough for me to swim in yet, but rowing is a full body workout, and really works my back and shoulders; muscles I'll need to get in a good powerful swim since that's where my strength lies. But if I was smart I'd be focusing on the run since that's where I am weakest.


All the activities I do at CrossFit make me a more FUNCTIONAL athlete. Today's workout was a LOT of shoulder, core, and back work.

We battled ropes!

We did lateral raises with 20# chains! And I KNOW lateral raises are great for swimming/kayaking because I did a TON of them in my training for Project Athena!

And we did sliders. When I first saw sliders on the workout, I thought of the purple discs that we used to use at Lifestyle Family Fitness. We used them when we did mountain climbers, so I was expecting something like that. Oh how wrong I was. Tongue Out

The CrossFit version of sliders means that you are putting your feet on weights, keeping a straight body, almost in a plank position, and you are using your arms ONLY to pull yourself across the floor. Surprised It hurt. A lot. Of all the exercises we did this week, this one was the toughie for me. It was super hard. Really pushed me. Though the 8 rounds of 100 meter all out sprints pretty much sucked, too. By today my legs were toast. For like the first time ever, I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

We had the option to do 4 or 5 rounds of all the exercises. How many do you think I did? Ya, I did all 5, and then finished it up like I said, with a 2000 meter row. I'm feeling pretty much like a badass. I'm feeling like a crossfitter.

And if you've been following my journey on Instagram, you know how true the above statements are.

Gone are the soft baby hands after I ripped them open early last week.

And manicures? I laugh in the face of manicures. This is what my hands (and legs) looked like after today's workout.

And I LOVE it!!

How are your workouts going? How are you challenging yourself?

Trying to find the words

I am sitting here trying to find the words to explain how I felt when I learned that I'd be running my FIRST Iron Girl race and that I'd be running it WITH my daughter. I am sitting here trying to find the words to explain how I felt when I learned that I was selected as the Athleta Power to the She winner for the Iron Girl race.

But I can't find the words right now. I can't find the words because I'm sitting here playing over in my mind what I've been seeing on the news in regards to the Boston Marathon. Horrible. Awful. Tragedy. 8 year old. My daughter, my runner will be 8 in 3 months. The daughter that ran Iron Girl with me (because runner girl got sick Frown) just turned 9.

My kids come to a lot of my races AND I run a lot of races WITH my kids.

They make me signs and cheer me on.

Sometimes they even have to get up at the crack of dawn to come to a race. But they don't complain. They know how running has changed our lives.

I might not be the fastest runner. I might not ever qualify for a world class event like the Boston Marathon. But I am a runner, and I am raising the next generation of runners. And one little 8yo boy who was at the Marathon supporting and cheering on his father won't get that chance. His 6yo sister and mother were also severely injured in the blast. A 6yo and a 8yo, and their mother, there to cheer on their husband and father. Horrible. Senseless.

I won't stop running. I won't stop bringing my kids to events. I will encourage my kids to keep the pace, to put one foot in front of the other. For all of those who can't, we run for you.

Music Monday: Run the World (Girls)

Yesterday I participated in the all FEMALE Iron Girl race series which was held in Clearwater, FL. I was also honored as the Athleta Power to the She Winner. My oldest daughter, Haley, ran the race as well and she set a new 5K PR. She is amazing and I am so proud of her. We have a LOT of 5K's planned throughout the year, so I can only imagine that she is going to continue to set new PR's with every race.

I'll be getting up a full post about all of that later, but in the meantime, enjoy a little Beyonce in honor of how EMPOWERED I feel right now. I feel strong, amazing. Like I could run the world (literally, RUN like in exercise, not RUN as in politics Tongue Out)