Pink is the Color of Hope

by jennifer20. April 2013 21:04
I used to dream about being a runner.  In my dreams I always wore pink. In my dreams I was fast, I was fit, I was in control. But then I would wake up. And in my real life, I was morbidly obese, a condition brought on by a lifetime of inactivity and horrible eating choices. Pink is a powerful color for me. Pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding. Even at my heaviest weight, I loved myself unconditionally. I understood that it was u... [More]

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Whole 30: Week 3

by jennifer20. April 2013 20:06
Monday starts week 3 (day 15) of the Whole 30. It's gone very very very well. Very well. I have had NO slip-ups. I've been drinking all my water, remembering my fish oil, eating my 3 meals and some days I do have snacks, but I make sure that they all contain a healthy fat, carb, and protein. Last night my husband commented on my waistline and belly "Jenny, you really look like you have lost some weight there girl!" I am feeling amazing and can easily see myself making this the Whole365. I've ha... [More]

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Accepting Autism-Come to Jesus Friday

by jennifer19. April 2013 12:26
My son was diagnosed with a form of Autism in 2009. His condition is called PDD-NOS. I'm not sure why, but I didn't really share that he had this condition. I wasn't ashamed, I wasn't embarrassed, it was just private. And then I met a woman who also has a son with Autism. She was vocal, she was honest. She inspired me. And I decided it was time to share with my social media world that my son has Autism. Tomorrow we officially "come out" as we participate in the Autism Speaks Walk-Tampa Bay: Lap... [More]

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