The Great Mother's Day 5K

by jennifer13. March 2013 13:21
Last year for Mother's Day, my daughters and I celebrated by running in the first annual Great Mother's Day race. It was a crazy day, I remember it quite well. Other than this race which was the highlight of the day, the day totally sucked. We were having car issues, so we were down to one vehicle that day. Ronin had to stay home with daddy (which made him VERY unhappy) and the girls and I had to rush to the race and then rush back home because James needed the truck so he could run up and back ... [More]

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Update your wardrobe without commitment!!

by jennifer11. March 2013 22:15
One of the best (and yet not) things about losing 212 pounds was shopping for new clothing. Why was it both good and bad? Good because it meant that I was getting smaller and bad because I hate to shop, and I hate to spend money on clothing that wouldn't last a long time because I was still losing weight!   Bargains from the local thrift stores and consignment shops filled my closet. I have never been one to experiment with fashion. My style is pretty basic. Solid colors, straight lines,... [More]

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Music Monday: You can go hard or you can go home

by jennifer11. March 2013 10:51
Oh wait, I am already home. I have had a very trying 4 days. From learning that my kids were treated inappropriately on their bus, to my son getting a horrible stomach bug and throwing up on nearly every surface of my house, every blanket, every rug. And then throw in the stuff coming out from the other end and it was a V.E.R.Y. long Sunday. He's home with me today, still not feeling great and running a fever, but at least he's keeping all his bodily fluids inside his body (knock on wood.) I h... [More]

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