Throughout the past 4 years I have learned a lot about taking time for ME, but it wasn't until TODAY that I let myself be totally spoiled!! The Tampa Bay Bloggers were invited to a day of pampering at Healthy Being, Oasis of Wellness, a spa in St. Pete.

(Denise of RUNDMT, Crystal of Thrifty and Frugal Living, Raffi of Running Betty, Chrissy of Loving Life, Me, and Teresa of Making it All Work)

When we arrived we were welcomed with fresh strawberries and an iced green tea and each of us had an itinerary:

Oh yes, I was certainly going to enjoy this!

I started with a facial. I'm 41 years old and I have NEVER had a facial! It felt AMAZING!! Cindy did a great job and told me what nice skin I had.

After my facial I had ear SEEDS! Say what? EAR SEEDS?!?! Ear Seeds are a form of ear acupuncture. They are used for a variety of conditions though in my case we focused on shoulder pain and anxiety. 

Here I am having one of the seeds placed. It hurt. It was supposed to hurt. Okay, not hurt hurt. But uncomfortable. Amazing how acupuncture works. When he touched a certain spot and it hurt, it let him know he was in the right place.

Now with the ear seeds, when I feel anxious, I am supposed to press on the seed to relieve the anxiety. My kids kept asking me to press it tonight. Sealed

Then I had a shoulder and neck massage. No pictures of that to share, I was too relaxed. But here is a pic of Becky the wonderful woman with the magic fingers!

Lastly, I had an amazing hot stone leg and foot massage. This was my favorite of all the treatments. It was so cool how Becky would touch a spot on my foot and I would feel it in my hip or shoulder. Amazing stuff.

They offer a wide variety of services, and I'm really excited to talk to my mom about the Lymphatic Drainage treatment that they offer. I spoke with a woman who visits the spa twice per week and her lymphedema is virtually GONE!! My mom is a breast cancer survivor but has severe lymphedema as a result of her cancer. Cry

Healthy Being gave each of us a $25 gift certificate to give to one of our lucky readers!!

What do you have to do to win?? It's easy! I like to make things easy on you guys!

That's it!! I'll have Ronin pick a winner from all the comments on Sunday February 10th.)

Happy Pampering!!



Want Snacks? KalorieBox Giveaway

Last week I opened my mailbox to a wonderful snack filled surprise!


My kids were so excited to peek in the box and see what snacks we had to try!

In our January Kalorie Box we had:

  • Cheese Thinables
  • a Zevia lime cola soda (made with Stevia)
  • a bag of pirates booty
  • a fiber one cookie brownie
  • Peeled dried mango
  • a Pacific Grove Almond milk drink and
  • a $1 off coupon for Zevia

Our family went through this box in about 5 minutes. Seriously. James and the girls ate the Cheese Thinables (they LOVED them and at 60 calories per serving, not a bad snack choice!!),  Ronin ate the Pirate Booty (one of his favorite snacks) Ella had the Fiber One brownie and the almond milk, and I ate the peeled dried mango and the Zevia lime cola soda. I loved the peeled dried mango. The soda had a strange taste and I didn't like it at all. Of the snack we received the only new items for us were the Cheese Thinables (which were like a healthier Cheese-It) and the Zevia soda. Eveyrthing else we have had, and the Pirate Booty and almond milk we have on a regular basis, but we loved getting snacks in the mail. 

One thing in particular really makes KalorieBox stand out; KalorieBox has a charitable angle to it. For each box they sell, they donate meals to hungry children. Pretty cool check out – No Kid Hungry!

KalorieBox has a few different options for subscribing – if you order one month at a time, it’s $25. If you order three months at a time, it’s $21 a month, or if you order 6 months at a time, it’s $17 a month. Because seeing is believing, KalorieBox has generously offered one of my readers a sample box! How can you win?? It's easy!!  Leave one comment letting me know why you want to win, and “like” KalorieBox on Facebook and tell them that Jenny Hodges is Metamorfit sent you over!!

I'll pick a winner next week on Tuesday!

Happy Snacking!