How advertisers target your kids in online games and apps!

A few weeks ago the children and I were asked to appear on Fox 13 news. The segment aired last night. I think the kids did a great job  Let me know what you think! How do you monitor what your kids download and play? Would you let them play a game like this, filled with candy messages??

The weekend of backup plans

Sunday night. Sigh. Where did the weekend go? I feel like I managed to {somehow} get a lot of stuff done, yet not get anything done at the same time. Weird how that works out. I co-taught a cycle class on Saturday morning. I am really loving the song Sweet Nothing for fast sprints. Heavy gear and lots of speed for short 15 second spurts. Awesome.This song really makes me move! Came home from cycling and James, the kids and I did a lot of team-work and speed cleaned the house!! We knew a col... [More]

Divine Intervention

Do you believe in "divine" intervention? Last night my husband brought home a bag of sweet potato and beet chips. I put them up high on top of the fridge. An hour or so later, I decide I'm going to go and have a serving of chips. I reach up on the fridge to grab the bag and the bag starts falling at me at a weird angle so I go to put up my hands to quickly catch it, and end up cutting MY NOSE WITH MY FINGERNAIL! It hurt so bad, I literally saw stars. I gave myself a freaking bloody nose. I cried... [More]