The weekend of backup plans

Sunday night. Sigh. Where did the weekend go? I feel like I managed to {somehow} get a lot of stuff done, yet not get anything done at the same time. Undecided Weird how that works out.

I co-taught a cycle class on Saturday morning. I am really loving the song Sweet Nothing for fast sprints. Heavy gear and lots of speed for short 15 second spurts. Awesome.This song really makes me move!

Came home from cycling and James, the kids and I did a lot of team-work and speed cleaned the house!! We knew a cold front was coming and we wanted to try to get outside and do something before it was too cold for us! Well, not all of us. James and Haley don't like the cold. I don't either, but I won't let it trap me inside the house. We decide we're going to head down to Lettuce Lake Park with our puppy and wouldn't luck have it, as soon as we are all dressed and ready to go IT STARTS TO RAIN! Are you kidding me?? Nope. Rain. And the rain brings with it the cold front. Ugh. Change of plans. We decide we're going to go and see a movie. We get the kids all excited to see a kid flick, drive down to the movies, and IT IS SOLD OUT! Yell Are you kidding me?? Sold out?? A kids movie?? I honestly can't remember the last time we went to see a movie and it was sold out. The kids are upset, Ronin is even crying. Cry Breaks my heart. We decide the next best thing to a movie is FroYo. And there is a new FroYo place that opened that the kids and I have been watching with baited breath. I convince my husband that he'll be happy with the choice, just trust me and off we go to the RACE TRAC! LOL. Yes, the GAS STATION! And was GREAT!! Sample cups and everything. Totally self serve. They even had tables inside and a patio outside (but it was too cold to sit outside) so we made our yogurt and sat together and enjoyed it. Totally brought the mood around.

We came home and though it was cold, it was no longer raining, so Ella, Ronin and I decide we're going to take Matthew on a trail walk. Can't find his leash. Haley messed with it while I was cycling (despite being told multiple times to not play with the dogs leash) and misplaced it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Yell We search for about 20 minutes and it is no where to be found. Fine. Load the 2 kids and the dog in my truck and we drive to the pet store. Get new leash and head out for our walk.

We did just over 3 miles. It was nice. Cold, but we were dressed properly and we all really enjoyed it! Came home, had dinner, and it was bedtime.

Sunday I love to do Hot Yoga at the Wellness Center, and I made sure to head out earlier today than I did last week because I had to fight for a spot last time and I don't like to be crushed up against anyone! Class was great and I came home feeling both relaxed and energized. We did some more chores, and decided we'd head back up to the Wellness Center for the Family Swim at 2pm. They had the pool heated and the room heated and it was so nice!! James and I took turns. One of us would swim laps while the other would swim with the kids. It was lovely Smile That's Ronin in the photo below!

We swam for just over an hour and then it started to get very busy and the kids started to get hungry and restless so we decided it was time to go. The locker room has this awesome little device. It dries your bathing suit!

We came home showered, dry and ready to take Matthew for another walk on the trail when DOH I remember that I have to go and pick up Girl Scout cookies from our troop leader. Back in the car, get the cookies, come home, sort the cookies, start delivering the cookies, yada yada yada, and before I know it is 6pm! Ack! Time for a back-up plan for walking the dog. Ronin and I bundle up, I grab the leash (from a new secret hiding place) and off we go for a one mile walk through the neighborhood.

Dinner, bed, lights-out! We're watching the Walking Dead and just relaxing after a weekend of backup plans.

Tomorrow is President's Day, so the kids have no school. They'll be coming with me to the Wellness Center. I'll do a quick run and then Pilates and then we'll head off to Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City for some yummy strawberry shakes. We've been dreaming of tomorrow for a few weeks now and we are all so excited that it is finally here!

What did you do this weekend? Did any of your plans get messed up??

Divine Intervention

Do you believe in "divine" intervention? Last night my husband brought home a bag of sweet potato and beet chips. I put them up high on top of the fridge. An hour or so later, I decide I'm going to go and have a serving of chips. I reach up on the fridge to grab the bag and the bag starts falling at me at a weird angle so I go to put up my hands to quickly catch it, and end up cutting MY NOSE WITH MY FINGERNAIL! It hurt so bad, I literally saw stars. I gave myself a freaking bloody nose. I cried. James and Haley had to come in and see what all the commotion was. Once I got myself together I put the chips away. With that sort of sign no way was I going to eat the chips.

Today I trimmed the heck out of my fingernails, kept slathering my gash with Vitamin E, and I ate the chips.  And throughout the day, I ate the whole dang bag. Take that divine intervention. I'll show you who's boss. Tongue Out