I Can Really Have it ALL

I had the opportunity to see Flashdance the Musical at The Straz Center in Tampa on Tuesday night. We went as a group, and some of us even dressed up in our favorite looks from the 1980's. I am in the back middle. I was picking up my tickets from will-call so this is the only picture with me in it.  It's okay, my look left a lot to be desired. I do remember seeing Flashdance in the 1980's. I was 12 when it came out, so I'm sure I saw it in the theater with my mom, or perhaps we rented it... [More]

Parkesdale Farms: The Pride of Plant City

Many many years ago (like over a decade ago!!) I was a private school teacher in Plant City, FL. That's when I first heard about Parkesdale Farms. My students would bring me in strawberries, and they would always make sure to tell me that they came from Parkesdale Farms. At that time I was just like "eh whatever, a strawberry is just a strawberry." But fast forward many many years and I've learned that a Parkesdale Farm strawberry is NOT just like any other strawberry. And their strawberry short... [More]