Premier Protein Prize Pack!!

In November 2012, I was fortunate enough to receive a great package from Premier Protein!! I eagerly opened it and immediately fell in love with the chocolate protein shake. At 6 Points Plus through Weight Watchers, it was higher in points than I was used to for breakfast, but I quickly discovered that it held me over longer and allowed for me to work out harder, so it was a good tradeoff.  And tasted GREAT!! Not chalky at all. And I love the pre-made protein shakes. As a busy mom of three kids, I need to just grab and go. I don't have time to get out the blender, measure, scoop, blend, clean, yada, yada, yada.

I shared the protein bars with my gym friends and my kids. The bars are 7 WW P+. And for a long workout day, they are great to cut in half and use to re-fuel. My kids and gym friends absolutely love them!! They do contain nuts, so be mindful if you have a nut allergy. And while they aren't gluten free, it's only because they are made in a facility that produces products with wheat. While we are a gluten free family, I don't stress over cross-contamination. recent communication with Premier Protein about the whole gluten issue, they responded with this:

"our original protein bars and shakes are not designed to contain gluten, but they are not promised to be gluten free due to the product being produced in a facility with gluten ingredients. However, we do have food-contact surface cleaning processes and allergen control procedures in place."

 So, if you watch your gluten but don't stress over CC, these could be a really good fit for you!!

 5 LUCKY MetamorFit readers (U.S. only) will EACH receive:

- 6 Premier Protein meal replacement bars: 2 bars in each flavor (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch)
- 4 Premier Protein shakes: 2 shakes in each flavor (chocolate and vanilla)
- Premier Protein nylon bag

What do you have to do to win??

  1. Comment on this post and tell me which flavor of shake and bar you'd be most excited to try. 

    AND one of the two items below:

  2. Like Premier Protein on Facebook and tell them Jenny Hodges is MetamorFit sent you
  3. Follow Premier Protein on Twitter @premierprotein #proteinpop and @jennymetamorfit  and tweet  "I want to win a Premier Protein Prize Pack" from  and

That's it! 5 WINNERS!!! The kids and I will pick the 5 lucky winners on March 3rd. You can enter more than once if you tweet, tweet, tweet Wink

I Can Really Have it ALL

I had the opportunity to see Flashdance the Musical at The Straz Center in Tampa on Tuesday night. We went as a group, and some of us even dressed up in our favorite looks from the 1980's. I am in the back middle. I was picking up my tickets from will-call so this is the only picture with me in it.  It's okay, my look left a lot to be desired.

I do remember seeing Flashdance in the 1980's. I was 12 when it came out, so I'm sure I saw it in the theater with my mom, or perhaps we rented it on Beta Max. Cool But I clearly remember seeing the movie, and the songs of course, are pop icons. I was excited to see this performance. I don't know if it was the journey I've been on recently, (ya know this little thing called a 212lb weight loss and maintenance) but this musical really clicked for me in ways that it didn't when I was a child.

I sat alone during the performance and I think because of that I was able to really get "in to" the story. I watched as the lead Alex (played by Emily Padgett) struggles with her own identity and her desire to see her dreams become a reality. And as I followed along with the story and listened to the music, tapping my feet, singing in my head, I had a surge of power. If Alex (yes, I know she's a fictional character) can have it all, then damn it, I CAN TOO!! And the song What a Feeling took on a new meaning for me. It's now become my new manta and the first verse really hit home with me. My transformation was a slow glowing dream, fear hiding inside, I cried. Then I allowed myself to open up, to feel the rhythm, and I believed. And I was dancing for my life (NOT dancing in the literal sense of the word, but I was MOVING to save my life Tongue Out.) And I can have it all. I can have my life be the way I envision it. Will I have to work for it? YES!!  Good things don't come to people who sit on their ass. They have to DANCE FOR THEM!! And YOU can dance your way to having it all, too.

I loved this performance. It has empowered me. Check it out now at the Straz in Tampa until February 24th.

First, when there's nothing but a slow glowing dream
That your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind
All alone I have cried silent tears full of pride
In a world made of steel, made of stone

Well I hear the music, close my eyes, feel the rhythm
Wrap around, take a hold of my heart

What a feeling, bein's believin'
I can't have it all, now I'm dancin' for my life
Take your passion, and make it happen
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life

Now I hear the music, close my eyes, I am rhythm
In a flash it takes hold of my heart

What a feeling

What a feeling (I am music now), bein's believin' (I am rhythm now)
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life
What a feeling (I can really have it all)
What a feeling (Pictures come alive when I call)
I can have it all (I can really have it all)
Have it all (Pictures come alive when I call)
(call, call, call, call, what a feeling) I can have it all
(Bein's believin') bein's believin'
(Take your passion, make it happen) make it happen
(What a feeling) what a feeling...

[disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets to Flashdance, the Musical. All opinions are my own.]



Parkesdale Farms: The Pride of Plant City

Many many years ago (like over a decade ago!!) I was a private school teacher in Plant City, FL. That's when I first heard about Parkesdale Farms. My students would bring me in strawberries, and they would always make sure to tell me that they came from Parkesdale Farms. At that time I was just like "eh whatever, a strawberry is just a strawberry." But fast forward many many years and I've learned that a Parkesdale Farm strawberry is NOT just like any other strawberry. And their strawberry shortcake is not like any other strawberry shortcake. And their strawberry shake is not like any other strawberry shake. But don't take my word for it. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

We were invited for a special blogger event and for weeks the kids and I have been talking and salivating over heading down and trying some of these world famous goodies!! Now as a health conscious family, we discussed the pros/cons of indulging in the sweet treats and that this was a special event and not something that we do on a regular basis, so the kids were free to enjoy the experience. I still reined in my sweet tooth, but trust me, I had my fill with the strawberry shake!

Ronin was so excited when we arrived! He gave the menu a big thumbs up! We looked over everything and had our choices ready to go when we arrived at the order window!

Each of the kids, (and me too) had a strawberry shake! Oh My Word!! It was the most delicious shake I have ever had!!

And then because it was a special day, they were allowed a strawberry shortcake IF they wanted. Ronin chose his with NO shortcake (no gluten), Haley had her shortcake loaded; strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream, and yes, shortcake. Ella and I both opted out of the second dessert since we were full from the shake!

Neither Haley nor Ronin finished their second dessert. I threw Ronin's away but we took most of Haley's home and she ate off it for the rest of the afternoon.  We also noshed on these babies!

We had an amazing afternoon and we were treated like royalty!

And they offer so much more than "just" strawberries. They have a full farmers market, and a beautiful nursery! Ella picked out a beautiful flowering plant and she's been taking great care of it since Monday!

Thanks for having us Parkesdale Farms! We had a great time and without a doubt you certainly do have the best drinkable dessert in the United States!