Discovering Human Synergy with Project Athena Part 3

by jennifer26. February 2013 15:14

In November I participated in the Project Athena Keys to Recovery adventure challenge. It was an amazing, life-changing experience. This video gives you an idea of the the "why" behind Project Athena and the amazing people that I met along the way. 5 days to experience life in a whole new way. 5 days to realize that you are capable of anything. 5 days to realize that WITH A TEAM anything is possible. 5 days to give you a lifetime of confidence, inspiration, and self-worth. I am a survivor, and now I realize I am so much more. I am MetamorFit.

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Discovering Human Synergy with Project Athena Part 2

by jennifer26. February 2013 14:24
It's hard to put in to words the experience that I had with Project Athena. So I'm going to let someone else do the writing for me. I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale a solitary individual, but I came home as part of a forever team and it was Robyn and Project Athena who taught me that I am NEVER alone. I've since applied her 8 essential elements of Human Synergy to EVERY aspect of my life. From my "team Hodges" philosophy that I use with my husband and kids, to the "blogger team" that has empowered me... [More]

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Listen to Your Body-Come to Jesus Friday

by jennifer22. February 2013 23:11
It can be hard to let your body take a rest when you are used to always being on the GO GO GO! But if you listen to your body, and take those rest breaks, you can come back prepared to take on a 1/2 Marathon!

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