Plank a Day Challenge!!

I love Planks. So easy, so effective. I can plank anywhere!! When I was on my adventure race in the Keys, there were times we were on break, and I would just drop and hold plank. Much to the embarrassment of my kids I've even been known to plank at the park LOL. There was a short time over the summer when I was going through a rough transition of my beloved gym being bought out by a big box gym and they canceled my beloved CXWORX class which is where I did most of my plank work. I discovered th... [More]

We made the commitment

We did it! We started off 2013 with our commitment to be active by participating in a virtual Commitment Day 5K. We were joined by fellow blogger Denise from Run DMT and her family and one of Denise's running partners, Daffodil. I had hoped that all of my family would be coming, but Ella didn't wake up in time, so James stayed home with her. I decided last night that I was going to walk the 5K with my kids. Denise and Daffodil went off on their training run and Denise's husband and I walked w... [More]