Acceptance is a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process, or condition (usually negative or uncomfortable) without attempting to change it, protest it, or find a solution. Positive Acceptance is the realization that nearly all unhappiness and dissatisfaction involves wishing something were already different, which is wishing for the impossible. Positive Acceptance is a technique that enables us to accept the past and the present while we refocus on what we need to do... [More]

Post-workout Snack!!

I workout pretty hard for at least 2 hours every day. I'm sure that you can imagine how hungry I am when I get in my truck to drive home! I try to remember to grab a chocolate milk or a muscle milk light, but after 2 hours it's warm, and who likes to drink warm milk? Not me!!  Today I reached in to my mailbox to find a package from Simply Snackin and I was excited! I had not eaten lunch and had just come home from the gym and I was STARVING!! I quickly spread the goodies out on my bed and ... [More]

A No Nonsense Circuit Workout

You should all have figured out by now that I am a fitness nut. I love to workout. It makes me feel good, puts me in touch with my body, and lets me be a better wife and mother. I prefer to work out in the gym. I love the variety of classes, equipment, etc., but first and foremost I am a mom. That means if I have a child that needs a mom day, or a sick day, or I need to go to their school for a performance and I can't make it to the gym, THAT'S OKAY!! I have been working out long enough now that... [More]