My son has special needs. I won't go into all of his conditions here, but one of his doctors recommended to us a few years ago that he thought a dog would be very beneficial for him. Studies show that dogs help to reduce cortisol levels and the number of disruptive behavioral incidents in children with ASD. There are even organizations, like 4 Paws for Ability that train dogs to work with kids with ASD and other special needs. I contacted a few of those organizations in late 2011 and found out ... [More]

5 tips for a Pilates Newbie....

PILATES!!! Today I took my FIRST Pilates class. I'm not sure what I was expecting, because even though I had HEARD of Pilates and many of my friends on social media had posted updates about taking Pilates, they never described WHAT it was, and I NEVER looked it up. Bad librarian. Here are my 5 newbie tips about taking your first Pilates class: Pilates is NOT yoga. Yes, you take off your socks and shoes like yoga, but for me, that is where the similarity ended. I did not have any sort of "ze... [More]

Teach Your Children Well

When I began my lifestyle transformation in 2008 my kids were 2, 3, and 4 years old. I knew that not only was I changing my life, but I was changing theirs too. We began bike riding with the kids at the beginning of my journey. Bike riding was something that my knees could handle and though we couldn't go far because I was pulling Ronin and Ella in a trailer and Haley was on training wheels, we kept it up. Soon enough though, both girls were riding on 2 wheels and I had a tag-a-long for Ronin... [More]