My new running partner!!

by jennifer22. January 2013 09:29
I did it! I got a dog. A big beautiful 13 month old yellow lab. He's wonderful, smart, and everything I hoped he'd be :) As I mentioned previously, we adopted him from Southeastern Guide Dogs. Here is a picture of the trio first meeting him! He took to them SO QUICKLY and they loved him from the get-go! But who he really loves is ME I sat down on the ground and he climbed right in to my lap and began to give me wet slobbery dog kisses. I normally hate that from my dogs, but there is just some... [More]

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by jennifer20. January 2013 20:37
I am the proud mom to three amazing kids.  I love them more than I can imagine, but some days they make me feel like this: Yes, a 60+ year old man who dunks his head in a water bucket. No, not really like that. They make me feel like I am on the CRAZY TRAIN! I gave birth 3 times in 30 months. That alone qualifies me for the crazy train. I had three in diapers for a while. Another stop on the crazy train. I was a milk making factory for what felt like forever. Crazy train. For one year I... [More]

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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone-Come to Jesus Friday

by jennifer18. January 2013 15:45
Yes, trying something new can be scary, but you just might discover it's what you were looking for all along!!

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