Kids, Dogs and TV cameras

Last week the trio and I were invited down to Fox 13 for an interview with Jeremy Campbell. I won't give away what we were there to talk about, but the interview should air in mid-February.

My kids are no strangers to being on TV. They've been on the Rachael Ray Show and the Today Show, but for both of those I had baby wranglers, but for Fox 13 I was flying solo. And it was HARD! Ronin was in a manic mood and in to everything. It was challenging. But we survived.

Here are the kids waiting in the green room. Unlike the green room at Channel 10 News, this room is NOT actually green.

We were taken through all areas of the studio until we arrived at "the couch" where we would be giving our interview.

The reporter interacted with the trio and tried to make them feel comfortable.

Our total interview lasted about 10-15 minutes. I'm sure that there will be LOTS of editing as Ronin kept jumping up and waving his hands in front of my face, trying to speak in to the microphone that was on my blouse. Ya, good times.

On the way out we ran in to sports reporter Chip Carter. Chip had a new Golden Retriever puppy and the trio loved him!

It was an interesting experience and I would do it again. With a baby wrangler.

Making Time-Come to Jesus Friday


 Life is busy. We all have things we need to do. But you need to make sure that you are taking time for YOU!! The other stuff like cleaning the kitchen, laundry, etc., it will all still be there waiting for you. So take care of YOU first. And you'll get to meet my new dog in this vlog, too. He's awesome.



Don't be such a heel, wear good socks

I was going to say "a few weeks ago" but thinking back on it, it's more like 6 weeks ago. Wow, time flies. Any way, a while ago I had a conversation with a friend at my previous gym and she was telling me about how she only wears certain socks when she works out. Our discussion brought in a few other women, and soon we were having a nice little chat about athletic socks. I seemed to be the only one in the group that didn't wear a speciality sock. I honestly had no idea that socks could make such a difference. Well, I take that back. When I did the 128 mile Keys Endurance Challenge, they gave me good socks and I did notice the difference, but I thought maybe it was my endorphins from being with so many amazing people on a fantastic adventure. Okay, back on track. So, I had this conversation, came home and posted on my Facebook page about athletic socks and was again surprised by the sheer number of people who said they wore special socks. I took notes of some of the brands they recommended and sort of forgot about it Undecided  A week or so later my friend Denise included me in on a tweet that she had made to Feetures Brand socks. Feetures and I opened a dialogue and within a day they had offered me an amazing opportunity and they sent me 24 pairs of socks that I got to pick out! So cool!

I went from virtually NO speciality athletic socks to being fully-outfitted.

I could hardly wait to try them out! But I did wait. I waited one whole day. And then I wore a pair to go Spinning!

I chose to wear the Feetures Elite Low Cut sock in Lime/Iris. People, when I put these socks on they gripped my foot. Like a mother holding her child's hand through a busy parking lot. They grabbed on and didn't let go. It was awesome. Normally in Spinning I am always messing around with my toes in my shoes because the top of the socks bunch up, and by the end of class my socks are just drenched with sweat. I thought that was how it was supposed to be. But guess what...IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!!

Feetures have iWick® fibers that wick moisture to keep feet dry and odor-free. And it works!! And there is no irritating toe seam! Lovely!

Today I wore these. Elite Light Cushion Low Cut in Aqua/Pink. And look, they even put the L/R on the sock so you know which foot to put it on (cough cough)

Do you want to have your very own pair of Feetures Elite Performance Socks?? You are in luck! Feetures will send 2 readers each one pair of the Elite sock in the color, size, and style of your choosing (sorry, no Compression sock.)

What do you have to do to win? Pick ONE (or both to increase your odds!!)

1)Comment on this blog post. Tell me what activity you'd do wearing your new socks.

2)Play along on Twitter by tweeting: Follow @jennymetamorfit and RT this for a chance to win a Feetures Elite Socks #contest #giveaway

Contest ends January 31st, 1pm.

And that's IT! :) As my kids would say, Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!